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    Survival Players: The wait is over!

    The long-awaited /warp markets update for our Survival Classic Server is (finally) ready for release - admittedly, Survival has seen its fair share of neglect over the last few weeks with the development of Skyblock S2/3. Fear not! I am personally looking to bring as many new Survival updates as I can to improve the Survival Classic Server!

    Special Thanks to Hyperion_Alx and SteliosUGH

    I'd like to thank Hyperion_Alx for suggesting the addition of a public shop originally on the discord and eventually porting it over to the suggestions forum when it was made. For coming up with the idea of a public shop, Hyperion_Alx will be receiving a $5 Store Voucher! Make sure to PM me on Discord for your prize

    you can view the original thread here: https://mc-blaze.com/threads/adding-a-warp-shops-or-a-public-shop-area.1773/

    I'd secondly like to thank SteliosUGH for all the hard work they have put into the making of the /warp markets build - He has done an incredible job and put countless hours into the project! SteliosUGH will also be receiving a $5 Store voucher!

    Using /warp markets

    /warp markets has been designed using a sign-based rental system. Each shop comes in four different sizes ranging from $500 - $2000 a day. By right clicking on the sign of your desired shop, you will be billed the amount it costs for one day!
    You can then continue to right click the sign up to 21 days to prevent your shop being deleted - Please note, if your shop expires your items will not be recoverable!

    Sneak Peek: /warp markets

    /warp Markets will be unlocked @ 1PM EST on the 30TH MAY - until then, check out this image of our Blue area!


    To celebrate the release of /warp markets further on the 30th and 31st of May there will be a 25% off sale on the Survival Store - These sales are rare so make sure you pick something up!

    Make sure to check out /warp markets at 1PM EST ON THE 30TH MAY!


    skyblock rerelease 23-05-2020.png

    Today the management team is ready to unveil the newest chapter of our Skyblock server with many new features, changes and events to run! Based on Last maps experience, we have carefully planned a large number of changes and new mini games for our players to enjoy. Make sure to read the entire thread to not miss any important details, including:

    • Island TOP Competition
    • New Features, how to access them and what they do
    • Events coming next map
    Make sure to keep reading for all the important info, this one is a long one!

    After the success of last map's Island TOP Competition, we will be running similar prizes for this map. We have decided to add a Grace Week to allow for Islands to gather their resources for longer.
    This map will be separated into five instalments of Island TOP Payout:

    Payout Dates
    • 30/05/2020 --> End of Grace Week
    • 6/06/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 1
    • 13/06/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 2
    • 20/06/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 3
    • 27/06/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 4
    • 4/07/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 5
    Weekly Payouts
    • 1st. $60 Paypal and $60 Buycraft
    • 2nd. $29 Paypal and $29 Buycraft
    • 3rd. $11 Paypal and $11 Buycraft
    Total Payouts
    • 1st. $300 Paypal, $300 Buycraft
    • 2nd. $145 Paypal and $145 Buycraft
    • 3rd. $55 Paypal and $55 Buycraft
    The IS-TOP Competition will end on 4th July 2020. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YYBlPkatYzwGRcfP4wJryJPrTfBEebfqp67lqvnGi-M


    Nether Generators

    During Season 2, we thought "how could we make the Nether Dimension more enticing for players to use?" and it struck us: The nether has no mining. Through many hours of coding we have came up with a new and challenging way of making money.

    Introducing Nether Generators: Like in the overworld, these generators drop special ores and gems: It even has its own upgrading system in /is upgrades:
    We have made it challenging to access the Nether by requiring a "Nether Cluescroll" to be completed before it is unlocked. This Nether Cluescroll can be obtained through Vote and Mythic crates and via /tokenshop (Tokens are now obtainable through voting by default, voteparty and inside KoTH Crates).

    These Little generators have a higher Diamond Block and Emerald Block drop rate than the overworld, make sure to take advantage!

    Hopper Types[ATTACH type="full"...


    Saturday 9th May @ 2PM EST, 7PM BST


    Today I am proud to announce the release of Blaze Gaming’s very own Creative Server! This server has been through extensive testing and preparations for this release.

    Creative Build Competition ($200 USD)
    Similarly to our Build Competition on Skyblock, we will be hosting a build competitions on creative on a monthly basis. For our first competition, the rewards are as follows:

    1. $50 Paypal, $50 Buycraft
    2. $35 Paypal, $35 Buycraft
    3. $15 Paypal, $15 Buycraft

    This Creative Build Competition’s theme is Summer and ends on June 9th, 2020. This theme is left vague and you can interpret it as you wish!

    Server Features

    Our new Creative Sage server introduces an extensive range of fun and unique features to make the experience for all of you amongst the best possible! Below is a list of key features within the Creative realm:

    We have created a unique system for voting, which gives you WorldEdit access on the Creative server for a limited time. The network contains 5 Vote links, of which each time you vote you will earn 30 Minutes WorldEdit access! WorldEdit is permanently available for certain donator ranks which can be found at store.mc-blaze.com

    The Map Tool is another unique feature that has been implemented into our Creative server! This tool allows you to create custom images, of your own choice and paste them onto Maps which you can then place down on your plots! To use this issue the command: /tomap (url) (size)

    Creative Sage features a multitude of cosmetics that players are able to get in-game & buy on the store. Creative offers a wide range of Cosmetics, including but not limited to Pets, Particles, Trails, Emotes & many more!

    Marriage is a feature on our server that allows you to marry other players! Whether this be for fun or roleplay opportunities, everyone has access to marry another player. This allows you to have a personal chat with the player, set a marriage home & even send items to your partner via the usage of a command!

    To celebrate the release of Creative Sage, Blaze Gaming will be hosting a 30% OFF SALE on ALL Creative Packages!. This will last for 48 HOURS upon release!



    As sent on Discord:

    SURVIVAL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: (27/04/2020) UNTIL (29/04/2020)
    Hey Classic Survival players! Survival Classic will be going into whitelist for two consecutive days for some scheduled maintenance on the server files and worlds. While this downtime is not ideal, it is essential works which must be carried out to reduce the potential for lag later on in the map. While the time listed above shows us reopening on Wednesday next week - we aim to complete the maintenance before that if possible and will announce an early reopening if this is the case.

    Some important things to note include:
    • This is not a reset of the map, you will not loose any of your builds, items or ranks
    • The server will be remaining on 1.15 - no upgrades to snapshots will be present on reopening

    If anyone has any concerns regarding this downtime, please don't hesitate to open a ticket. Thanks all!



    Today marks a new point in Blaze Gaming History. Not just any point in history, but the release of SKYBLOCK SEASON TWO! Based on the feedback from Season 1, The Management team has been hard at work preparing this new season for everyone.

    Island TOP Competition (1000 USD)
    Following last map, we have decided to dramatically increase Island TOP Rewards. Each week, the following rewards will be given out:

    • 1st. $75 Paypal and $75 Buycraft​
    • 2nd. $35 Paypal and $35 Buycraft​
    • 3rd. $15 Paypal and $15 Buycraft​
    In total, each Island will recieve at the end of the four week period:

    • 1st. $300 Paypal, $300 Buycraft​
    • 2nd. $140 Paypal and $140 Buycraft​
    • 3rd. $60 Paypal and $60 Buycraft​
    The IS-TOP Competition will end on May 23rd, 2020. All rules for the competition must be followed and will only be handed out to the island leader.

    An Apology
    Jon previously announced that the Skyblock Greek Server would not be resetting at the end of the season. However, we have discussed between management that we believe Skyblock should reset to make the ultimate experience possible for all players of the Blaze Gaming Community!
    We have intentionally released this announcement 1 week before the reset to give all members the opportunity to save a schematic of their base if they wish to do so. Now, onto the good stuff!

    We have also made the hard decision to move Skyblock to 1.13 to reduce the amount of lag which will be presence for our players. Fear not - your experience will not be changed and you will still be able to play on 1.15!


    We have produced an Allowed/Disallowed Modifications List for Skyblock to prevent confusion when it comes to what is allowed. The largest change of all is the rule surrounding autoclickers.

    Autoclickers are allowed in the new season on Islands - in PVP/outside of your island This is a bannable offence and will be punished accordingly.
    Introducing PVP Bans: As Autoclickers are now allowed on Islands we are introducing PVP-only temp and perma bans. These will be awarded to people who use inappropriate modifications to enhance their pvp experience. These will be awarded by Moderation staff if caught and are non-appeal-able.

    Similarly, we have introduced 60 second Death bans from PVP (don't worry - not from the whole server!) to give players who fight to the death a greater chance at winning PVP Events such as KoTHs and Envoys.
    Introducing KoTH (King of the Hill) Events: These events require you to stand in a small area until the timer runs out. The person who...


    Hey everyone!
    This was recently announced in the discord, but I'm going to put it here in the forums cause they need some love.

    Pixelmon Sale - 20% off everything for our Pixelmon servers! Sale ends 4/12

    -- Spring Mega Tournament cash prizes have been increased! --

    1st: $175 PayPal
    2nd: $100 PayPal
    3rd: $50 Store Credit



    SEASON 1 - 2/15/20 - 4/15/20 [$75 /IS TOP]
    Our brand new 1.15.2 (latest) Skyblock server is out! We've put a lot of our time and effort into the creation of this server and will continue to do so every day carefully looking after it and making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience on it!

    Discord :
    IP : play.mc-blaze.com

    • 10+ Custom Enchantments

    • McMMO

    • A PvP warp to fight for Envoy Drops (or for fun!)

    • 30+min of Temp fly and XP boosts for voting!

    • AuctionHouse

    • 200+ Gameplay Quests!


    • Minions and Pets!

    • Player Vaults!

    • Earn coins and buy higher ranks!

    • Global Donation rewards!

    • Casino, /perks...


    Blaze Gaming Revamped


    Blaze-Gaming : Revamped

    To all current and future Blaze Gaming players, we have decided to reset the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon servers. With this very thought-out reset, we are going to introduce tons of new Economical changes, Plugin Additions & Updates, and many many more tweaks and bug fixes. We've come to this decision by heavily evaluating the current state of the servers and came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about it. For this Christmas and the MANY months to come, we want our servers to last economically and be a fair playground for all players. We have done our best to get rid of all the shitty dupes, exploits and glitches that almost immediately ruined our servers during our last reset. We hope to greatly make it up to everyone this time, as we have poured our hours the last couple of weeks into re-designing a lot of the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Servers foundation, while also not stripping our characteristics. Below is our change-log for this upcoming wipe.

    Removed all major sources of income from mining. Including but not limited to:
    • Coal Ore, Coal, Fossils and other Ores not in this list.

    Introduced a new source of income :
    • Defeat Pokemon, Trainers, or Capture Pokemon, and be awarded for your grind!

    • Level up the amount of coins you can get through the VoteShop! Double, Triple, or even Quadruple your earnings! Vote daily to receive vote points and work towards this pay upgrade!

    • Voting reward has been increased to
    $2000 coins per vote.

    • Clan Gym rewards have been nerfed so that no one can accumulate ridiculous sums of rewards from farming the gyms.

    Shiny Starters are no more! They've been made into normal starters and we will soon be removing this from our features page. We want shinies to be valuable again!

    • Kits have been tweaked to give out less Rare Candy.

    Safari Zone
    • Introducing our new custom Safari Zone plugin! For just $5000 coins, spend 20 minutes in our new Safari World. With over 8 biomes and *2 Exclusive VIP-Only* Biomes, we have rigged the entire landscape with Pixelmon...

    Blaze-Gaming Introduction

    Welcome to the Blaze-Gaming Network

    This is the Blaze Gaming Network official website, currently home to one of the finest Pixelmon and (soon) Vanilla servers around! Here you can access the community forums, donation store, and other important information. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the contact us section in this thread, or head on over to the forums and feel free to post in the Help and Support section. Discord is preferred.

    Important Links

    · Server NA IP address : play.mc-blaze.com
    · Server EU IP address [NEW] : eu.pixel.mc-blaze.com

    Both IPs link to the same server.
    EU IP is our EU internet server which will give EU players better ping.

    · Pixelmon Discord Link : https://discord.mc-blaze.com
    · Donation Store : http://store.mc-blaze.com/
    · Pixelmon Reforged Download : https://www.reforged.gg/
    · Technic Pack : https://www.technicpack.net/

    Ban Plea's

    If you have been banned and wish to file a Ban Plea, please refer to the following link to the forums below to have a chance at being able to return to the server. Based on your offense and its intensity, we may or may not allow you to return to our servers. Blaze Gaming is a family-friendly website and company and will enforce it's rules to players who are unable to follow guidelines.

    Click here to file a Ban Plea.

    Staff Applications (OPEN)

    Would you like to assist with the management of our great community servers? Then you should begin applying for a staff position! Users who show dedication and commitment to our servers have high chances of obtaining staff ranks. Staff Application status can be checked above....​

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