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Blaze Gaming Revamped


Blaze-Gaming : Revamped

To all current and future Blaze Gaming players, we have decided to reset the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon servers. With this very thought-out reset, we are going to introduce tons of new Economical changes, Plugin Additions & Updates, and many many more tweaks and bug fixes. We've come to this decision by heavily evaluating the current state of the servers and came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about it. For this Christmas and the MANY months to come, we want our servers to last economically and be a fair playground for all players. We have done our best to get rid of all the shitty dupes, exploits and glitches that almost immediately ruined our servers during our last reset. We hope to greatly make it up to everyone this time, as we have poured our hours the last couple of weeks into re-designing a lot of the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Servers foundation, while also not stripping our characteristics. Below is our change-log for this upcoming wipe.

Removed all major sources of income from mining. Including but not limited to:
• Coal Ore, Coal, Fossils and other Ores not in this list.

Introduced a new source of income :
• Defeat Pokemon, Trainers, or Capture Pokemon, and be awarded for your grind!

• Level up the amount of coins you can get through the VoteShop! Double, Triple, or even Quadruple your earnings! Vote daily to receive vote points and work towards this pay upgrade!

• Voting reward has been increased to
$2000 coins per vote.

• Clan Gym rewards have been nerfed so that no one can accumulate ridiculous sums of rewards from farming the gyms.

Shiny Starters are no more! They've been made into normal starters and we will soon be removing this from our features page. We want shinies to be valuable again!

• Kits have been tweaked to give out less Rare Candy.

Safari Zone
• Introducing our new custom Safari Zone plugin! For just $5000 coins, spend 20 minutes in our new Safari World. With over 8 biomes and *2 Exclusive VIP-Only* Biomes, we have rigged the entire landscape with Pixelmon...

Blaze-Gaming Introduction

Welcome to the Blaze-Gaming Network

This is the Blaze Gaming Network official website, currently home to one of the finest Pixelmon and (soon) Vanilla servers around! Here you can access the community forums, donation store, and other important information. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the contact us section in this thread, or head on over to the forums and feel free to post in the Help and Support section. Discord is preferred.

Important Links

· Server NA IP address :
· Server EU IP address [NEW] :

Both IPs link to the same server.
EU IP is our EU internet server which will give EU players better ping.

· Pixelmon Discord Link :
· Donation Store :
· Pixelmon Reforged Download :
· Technic Pack :

Ban Plea's

If you have been banned and wish to file a Ban Plea, please refer to the following link to the forums below to have a chance at being able to return to the server. Based on your offense and its intensity, we may or may not allow you to return to our servers. Blaze Gaming is a family-friendly website and company and will enforce it's rules to players who are unable to follow guidelines.

Click here to file a Ban Plea.

Staff Applications (OPEN)

Would you like to assist with the management of our great community servers? Then you should begin applying for a staff position! Users who show dedication and commitment to our servers have high chances of obtaining staff ranks. Staff Application status can be checked above....​

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