The following list of rules apply to the Blaze Gaming community discord server. You can join our discord server by clicking the following hyperlink, that's this glowing orange text with the underline.

‣ No spamming in any channels.
‣ Do not spam tag players or members of staff.
‣ Be respectful to everyone, We are all humans.
‣ Only use the correct channels for the topic you are discussing. For example, use global-off-topic for off topic conversations.
‣ No Advertising on Blaze's Platforms.
‣ No DDoS/DOX threats tolerated.
‣ Do not have inappropriate nicknames or discord usernames.
‣ Racism and Discrimination is not tolerated.
‣ Please be patient when waiting for staff help, they are responding as fast as they can.

These rules are in place to keep all of our members safe and to completely comply with Discord's Terms of Service which you can view here:
Members under 13 years of age will be removed from our discord per Discord Rules.