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    3. I would start out by figuring out the problem then lead into fixing it. If they don't comply I will give a warning of some sorts. I would start off with a warning and if they keep trying, I would time them out for an hour or If they do it again it will be a day or two ban. If they do it again it will be a permanent ban.

    4. I would probably do the same thing as I said I would do for number three, try to fix the problem then go into a warning.

    5. Most of my friends see me as a positive influence to others and they say that I usually help with the problems that they have and I always want to help others figure out there problems because no one likes to be mad and/or sad. And that is a very important thing to me.

    6. I try my best to get 20 to 30 hours a week.

    7. I am on the Central timezone.

    8. I have been playing pixelmon since 3.5.1 and I have learned a lot since that time. The only two things I struggle with are how to breed and making a good team that works well with each other.

    9. I will gladly ask any other questions you have if you want to know anything! <3
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