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    In-Game Name: beau_

    Discord Contact: beau#5885

    How would I handle two arguing players that are disrupting the peace?: Kindly, I would let them know that arguing never solves the problem and try to help them solve what they are arguing about. If they disregard the help I give I would give them a single warning and tell them that if they continue arguing, I would give them a chat ban for 10 minutes. And if they don't listen to their warning, I would give them another warning and a 10 minute chat ban.

    What would I do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter?: If a player attempts to bypass the profanity filter, they would receive a warning and I would tell them that this is a PG server so that means there would be no cursing in global chat and trying to bypass it results in a chat ban (ranging from 10-20 minutes depending on how harsh the language is used). If they ignore me and continue to use profanity, I would give them a chat ban with another warning.

    If a player is disruptive and insulting others, how would I handle them?: If a player is disruptive and insulting others, I would PM them letting them know that being mean to others isn't a good thing and that bullying on this server is not tolerated and if they were to keep it up, it would result in a chat ban and I would tell the player(s) who were being harassed that they can /ignore him.

    Why would we choose you over another applicant?: I believe you should choose me over another applicant because I have been playing for a long time and I know a lot of tricks to the server (like commands and help). I also believe I should be chosen over another applicant because I am willing to listen to other people and I love to help others no matter what the problem. Also because I was your favorite Sr. Mod ;D

    How many hours a week do I play on your community servers?: I play around 50 hours a week minimum, on weekdays I try to play for 5-6 hours and while on weekends I play above 10 hours.

    What time zone am I playing on?: Central Time Zone (America).

    What do I know about Pixelmon?: What I know about Pixelmon is that it is a very time-consuming and engrossing mod for Minecraft. I also do know a lot about Pokémon in general, due to me playing many of the games they have created.

    Additional information I wish for you to know: If I were re-chosen as a mod, I would try to help people even if their English wasn't so great (As I know German, French and a bit of Spanish). I do love to draw and help others out because I hate to see others struggle. I also wish for you to know that Jon is the greatest server owner I have ever met :).

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