Chiken5522, I got banned... Im sorry... Please listen to me...

Discussion in 'Ban Plea' started by Chiken5522, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Sep 19, 2019
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    1 ) Your In-Game Name (IGN)
    2 ) Is this your first time being banned? If not, how many times?
    No, I've been banned twice before this, one was for duping which I didn't do (I have proof, has already been discussed though)
    3 ) Who banned you and for how long?
    Slice, banned me, permanently.
    4 ) Why should we unban you?
    Because one thing I got banned for was for saying to a staff to die, which I didn't tell HIM to die, I never said, Slice, go die, I just said the word die, sure, I don't like the guy at ALL, but I wouldn't go as far as telling him to die. Secondly, I was /messaging people, and I was talking crap about another mod that I didn't like, which should be PRIVATE, and I was talking to someone else, and I wasn't telling it the mod I was talking about, meaning that shouldn't be punishable since I wasn't being rude to the mod himself. Another thing I got banned for, is for talking in chat through discord, I was told not to talk in discord while I was muted in game, I was told not to twice, one reason because Gh0stBobby was being a jerk and I lost my temper and had to tell him something, and then the last time I was telling bats that I would stop, I do agree that that is not allowed, and I apologize. Another is that I glitched outside of the world border, I was told to get out, so I got out, then I asked, "why isn't that allowed?", and then a mod told me that its abusing a glitch, so I agreed with him, but then slice warned me for "back talking staff". All of this, I which has been VERY misunderstood, I thin would be worth a 24 hour ban, I even think that's a little harsh, but just for the sake of slice being happy, I would be okay with a 1 week ban, I love that server so much, I swear on my life that I'll change my attitude. Please, take this into consideration. Thank you.
    5 ) Evidence to support your claim.
    On discord if you disagree with me, I'm willing to talk anytime. Unless I'm at school, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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