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    New Member
    1) IGN - codcraftmaster

    2) eyebrawl113 #4030

    3) If two people were arguing in the public chat I would ask for them to change either to private messages or possibly a different messaging application, if they refused to do this I would give them a warning for ignoring a staff member and then if the problem continued I would administer a part time mute.

    4) If a player was trying to bypass the profanity filter I would ask them to stop and if it continued to would administer a mute for chat and if they persisted after their mute finished I would then ban.

    5) If someone was consistently insulting or verbally abusing others I would mute them for a extended amount of time.

    6) I believe I would be picked over other applicants because I have a good knowledge on pixelmon and Pokemon and I am very patient and I am willing to listen to people and their questions and assist them in everyone way in my power.

    7) Well I play about 4-5 hours a day so in a week I should play about 28-35 hours a week.

    8) I am playing in greenwich mean time.

    9) I believe I have a above average knowledge of pixelmon due to my experience playing Pokemon (I have played omega ruby, alpha sapphire, sun and moon) and Minecraft. I have a good knowledge of the name of Pokemon. due to me playing for the time I do I am formerly yarning new recipes for items and names of Pokemon.

    10) I am a patient and I am slightly above average when it comes to science and I also have a widely spread knowledge. I believe I am a nice person who is willing to listen to players no matter what type of problem they are facing.

    11) I only play on aqua but if needed I am willing to switch to a different server.