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    My Helper Staff App!



    I would find out what happened, then I would try to calm them down and give them a warnings. If that didn't work and they continued doing that I would mute both for a period of time. But not for too long so that they can still play on blaze gaming.

    4. I would give them a warnings. If that didn't work and they continued doing that I would mute both for a period of time. But not for too long so that they can still play on blaze gaming.(also same situiation from the pervious question

    5. I will first warn them and if they continue to distrupt the blaze gaming community i shal mute them for a certain amount of time!

    6. I think i should be accepted becuase im a very nice person altough when im not having a good day i might be in a bad mood. I am superhelpful even without bieng a helper or a ranked player i want to help out lots of people and i like to be there known as a helpful person and i feel like i can help out the community not just by questions but also conflicts and issues. i am able to dedicate a few hours a day to this server although i might not play for a day at all but that usually wont happen. i feel like i should be accepted i am very experinced in computers in general i know how to run servers. i always wanted to be a staff member on a pixelmon server. If i were to become a helper i would feel very good about myself like i am very important and reliable towards people. I can also help the owner with plugins if he ever needs help and i problably will always be willing to help out anyone. i know how to spot people with hacks aswell.

    7. I mostly play right after school so about 3-5 hours. But during a weekend or a break mostly the whole entire day!

    8.Canada,Ontario,Toronto(EST Easternl Daylight Time)

    9. I know all about types, species, gyms, mega evolution, all the biomes, i am very good a breeding. I know all the uses for the Held Items, I know all about Breeding all the blockes and all the egg groups i know how to summon all pokemon i know all pixelmon commands! I feel that the more that i know stuff is better because intelligence is a key towards understanding things!

    10. My name is Mj i am 14 my dad passed away and so did my brother in a car accident. i live in toronto, i like to program i build computers i know how to run a server! Ive been playing mincraft in particular for a very looooong time and im pretty good at pvp and im very experinced with building and i want to be a staff member for a number of reasons. I want to be staffe on this server its to have a great time and for entertainment . Another reason is becuase i wanna help out new poeple on this server and not just new to the server but also on this modpack. I will be sure to make the players have a great time and experince on this server. Another reason i want to be staff on this server so that i make lots of friendships because i have lost many people in my life and i need those spots to be taken up by people. I want to help this server alot so that the playerbase is more stable i want this server to be up and running like its hypixel. i want the staff members and players to look up to me as a good person and a great role model.favorite sport is basketball, I am a great basketball player, I am pretty naughty xD!

    11. My favorite server that i mainly play on is blaze gaming!

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