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    Before I begin this incredible application, I would like to thank you for taking time to read through my application. Shall we start?

    1). iKauai (17 Years Old)

    2). kauai-kun#5344

    3). First, I would give them both a warning through public chat and private messaging. This gives them the possibility to stop without further consequences. Furthermore, I could bring the messages into a private chat to hopefully resolve the problem. If they continue to disrupt the peace, I will temporarily mute both of them and further explain why if needed.

    4). Once again, a warning would be given to the player with an explanation in if needed. If the bypassing continues, the consequences would include temporary mute in addition to the what training recommends

    5). Insulting others is not something that can slip by. It ruins the positive gaming experience for anyone involved. I would first privately message the individual and tell them to relax. Take a deep breath. If the insults continue, I would contact a higher level staff memeber to resolve the issue in any means necessary to them, after telling them what happened.

    6). I am a fairly fun individual however I know when to draw the line in between fun and annoying or harmful. I have been a helper and mod on multiple servers before I went on a minecraft hiatus to develope skills in other games. I soak up knowledge like a sponge and will be the best I can be in the current position. I hope to help out the server in multiple ways as well!

    7). Almost everyday after school for up to 4-5 hopurs depending on my work load (seeing as I am a senior in high school and I am employed)

    8). Mountain Standard Time (Colorado Springs)

    9). A lot. I have been playing the mod since it originally dropped. Pokemon has always had a place in my heart so to combine two games that I actively play was incredible. I know so much from my years of pokemon that my knowledge migrated over to pixelmon! Natures, abilities, BP teams. My only slightly knowedlge lacking subject is breeding but I am currently learning from a good friend of mine (AceOkamiKun).

    10). So, I am not proud of this moment but I accidentally let a certain word (might be in the logs) slip out when I was getting frustrated at myself for me messing up on a build. It will not happen again and I knew right when I sent it that I messed up. Won't happen again! I have control over myself but for some odd reason my agner from the whole day just slipped. Love ya all.

    Stay Frosty,

    P.S I posted this on the wrong account ;(
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