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    1. My IGN is LandorusBoss
    2. My discord contact is LandorusBoss#3460
    3. Depending on the situation I would try to either resolve the situation without further action, threaten to temp mute or farther depending on the severity of the argument, and if the players continued to argue I would mute them.
    4. I would deal with a player bypassing the profanity filter by giving two warnings and then muting.
    5. If a player was constantly disruptive and insulting to others without heeding previous warnings I would temp mute or perm mute.
    6. My knowledge of pokemon and minecraft is pretty good in my opinion, and I enjoy helping others.
    7. I play pretty often I'd say 2 hours on week days and much more on the weekends. I am currently a athlete and student so I can not play between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on week days.
    8. Central
    9. I have been playing pokemon games and pixelmon since I can remember. I understand the meta, slang, and common issues with the game.
    10. I have helped out on previous pixelmon servers on other modpacks and do enjoy it.
    11. I mainly play aqua but would happily help out on either server.
    Thankyou -LandorusBoss

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