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    3. First i would try to understand the point of the whole argument, Then i would try to solve the argument without myself giving out a bad vibe. Then try to work together when they have calmed down a bit.
    4. I would tell them to stop cause by swearing it would effect others and new players
    5. I would tell them right away to stop its never okay to insult others and it gives out this bad vibe.
    6. Why you would choose me is beacuse in my timesone gmt and i feel like no other staff is around during that time and i feel like there would need someone at that time.
    7. I would say about 3 - 4 on normal days otherwise 6 - 8.
    8. GMT
    9. I know almost everything like where legend spawns whats effective against eachother and much more!
    10. Well theres not much to say more than im usually a chill guy and the perfect one for blaze, Psst by the way i started in march 2019.
    11. Aqua But im gonna start to play on inferno too.

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