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    3 - If two players were arguing I would give them a verbal warning each and if it continued I would give each of them a warning and tell them to settle it elsewhere such as in /w if it doesn't stop i would give them both mutes unless one decides to stop arguing after the warning then only the one continuing the argument will be muted.
    4 - If a player was bypassing the mute i would warn them verbally and with /warn and then if they proceed to do it again i will mute them.
    5 - If a player is being disrespectful to other players i would start with a warn and move onto a mute if it persists.
    6 - You should choose me over other applicants because i am home schooled meaning i can be on 80% of the day, and I am consistently on at 2-6:AM when there are no staff so the chat gets a bit unruly.
    7 - i play around 50-60 hours per week because i have no social life due to the fact that i am home schooled.
    8 - Central Standard Time I live in Texas
    9 - I would say i know about 85% of the server specific stuff such as commands and for pixelmon in general I know a lot about breeding, what Pokemon are where, what their previous and next evolutions are, and what pokes are good against others.

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