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    IGN (In-Game Name): JDTheDoctor
    Discord: JDTheDoctor
    3) If 2 players were arguing I'd tell them to stop, and if it was to continue I'd give them only 2 warnings. If they don't stop then It'd result in a 20 minute mute.

    4) I'd give the player 3 warnings to stop trying to bypass it, then I'd give them a 30 minute mute if it continued.

    5) Give them a chance to stop and apologize, then further action would be taken and give them a punishment, depending on what they were exactly saying.

    6) Not my choice why you would, but I believe in what's right. I am skilled in Computers and Semi-Efficient in Programming. I'm devoted to helping those in need.

    7) I Play up to a total of 75 hours a week or more.

    8) UTC-5:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    9) I know quite a good fair amount about Pixelmon.

    10) I'm a very good person, I've played all the Pokemon Games. I've been to a lot of Pixelmon servers but none of them were good, except for This one is very good. I really love this server.
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