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    IGN: SummerBasoon
    This is indeed my first time being banned.
    Jon banned me permanently.
    Because I have reason to believe it was unfair and is now invalid.
    Find me at SummerBasoon#6830 on discord, evidence, in this case, won't be so easy.

    So, as a few of you may know, I have recently been banned about one or two months ago for a reason that I am not sure inquired such a horrid punishment. And although people would like to know why the ban happened, when I tell them it results in them rejecting and not believing my story, I resort to writing this because Jon will no longer reply to me, yet he still hasn't blocked me, in fact, he still has me friended. If you are staff on blaze like I once was, and you would like an explanation, feel e I wouldn't mind explaining the story to a head admin to get help with the situation, I am open to solutions. In fact, I have sent Jon proof of something that could very well change things, he does not reply, do I know why? No.

    Please note: I mean no offense to anybody in this statement, I still believe Jon is a good fit to be a server owner whether or not the ban I received was fair. I simply want a reply, at the least, or an unban would be great, thank you. Anything that is not talked about here is because it is related to the reason and I'm not sure if Jon wants it to be spread around.

    I also apologize for any harm the reason may have done to Jon.
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