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    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN) - tytyo45

    2 ) Discord contact - tytyo45 #5207

    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace? Get both sides of the story and proceed to separate the two and try to reach a middle ground to help resolve the issue.

    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter? Warn him/her and if it continues tell a hire up.

    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them? Warn him/her

    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant? I've been active almost every day and I will be honest with you and say it to ya straight.

    7 ) How many hours a week do you play on our community servers? Undefined

    8 ) What time zone are you playing on? Central time

    9 ) What do you know about Pixelmon? Learning as I go and will cont. to learn the more I play

    10 ) Any additional information you would like us to know. I have past experience working as staff in Discord. I have also been running my own community for the past 6 years going on 7 this December.

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