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    Declined Adi1121's Staff Application

    Helle dear Adi1121, Please follow the most recent format which had been posted Here, thanks. I also suggest putting more time and effort into your application ;) Kind regards, Huntin_
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    Hello dear Andreisnut, Thank you for taking time and applying for this position. I'd like to suggest that you put more effort into your application, make the Q&A a bit more separated, and colorize them if possible. It will make your application a lot easier to read which is not right now. ;)...
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    Approved Mcp43's Staff Application

    Hello dear Mcp43, First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time and applying for this position in order to help this community grow larger! It is obvious that you have put enough effort to write this application. It looks well written with all the necessary information we need about...
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    Approved Ghosty’s Staff Application

    Hey dear Ghosty, Firstly, Thanks for applying to help this community grow larger :) The application looks good and well organized. Wish you luck. Kind Regards, Huntin_
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    Declined Red,s staff application

    Hey dear Redfox, First I'd like to thank you for applying to help this community in various ways but I also would like to add a few things which I think will make your application to look better. -Maybe add more information about yourself? for example; for how long have you been playing...
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    Hey !

    Hey !
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    Jurassic Survival Adding a /warp shops or a public shop area

    Hey Hyperion_Alx, I’d first like to thank you for taking your time to suggest new futures which helps us to create a better experience for our great players like you ❤️ About the “/warp crates” There is currently one existing. But about the shopping area, this could be a great thing to get...
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    Jurassic Survival Starting out basic: One very highly requested change/suggestion is to add gunpowder to /shop.

    I was a fan of this suggestion before the servers’s difficulty changes from “Easy” to “Normal”, but now I’m not saying its easier to farm gunpowder. what I’m saying is that it’s a lot better than it used to be. Also I would like to mention that there were Creeper spawners available at the shop...
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    Staff Application - [Huntin_]

    1 ) In-Game Name: Huntin_ 2 ) Discord contact: Meti#6141 3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace? I would first ask them politely to stop arguing and bring me the issue in /pm. if they ignored my warns and kept arguing I would mute them both for about 30...