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    Skyblock Greek Hopper Item

    They are in /hoppers
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    Applying for staff

    Please follow the correct format:
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    Pixelmon Banned for defending myself

    Meemoo, it would be best if you followed the correct format.
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    Vanilla Unban

    Hey it might help if you use the correct format
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    Skyblock Greek The money on this server

    Whats the reasoning behind more money? Dont forget we have vote money, daily money and then the selling of thing you get.
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    Global Mute lenghts.

    There is a structure to the punishments depending on what they have done. We dont just hand out lengthy mutes for little things. We do warn people, if they dont change their course then they get the punishment.
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    Jurassic Survival Nether Roof

    As much as you are correct in what you are saying it will also cause some lag spikes I believe. I personally would love to get up on the roof. If there was a way to maybe have a community area on the roof rather than everyone having their own claims?
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    Approved Kewozo's Staff Application

    Nice Application :) Looking forward to seeing you in Season 4 Good luck
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    Approved Staff application

    Hey JZ, nice application :) I do see you helping and welcoming members alot. Even though it is not required of members to do so, its good to see it happening Good luck
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    Jurassic Survival vehicles plugin

    This would stop the need to purchase new vehicles. Maybe have a way to buy health for the vehicle. Kinda like the current fuel option.
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    Ritchie abusing GodMode

    Dont get to confident. Wasnt about to die. And yes I used godmode on an island. Was having a little fun :) Nothing lost
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    Skyblock Greek New prestige /rank system

    Another way of doing this could be: Tier 1 - As current with Money being the main factor to gain the ranks (Top rank gives Keys and Flight for 5 Days and Kit) Tier 2 - Higher Costs (maybe 4x tier 1) (Top rank gives keys and flight for 5 Days and kit + New command permission) Tier 3 - Higher...
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    Skyblock Greek Public island mine

    So like being able to protect or unprotect a certain area
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    Skyblock Greek Custom Fishing

    As title suggests, a custom fishing plugin. This could have so many possibilities. Could use a similar reward table to cluescrolls. Players could make "bait". One server i used to play on used Poison Potatoes for this with other items along side to increase things like % of higher tier...