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    Glitched keys

    Has this been fixed?
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    Question about player cosmetics

    Yes there is a command, it’s called /cosmetics
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    Pixelmon Clan gym teams

    Im pretty sure something like this exists for clan wars, would be good if you're able to do the same thing for casual. +1
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    Pixelmon Add to Nether Quartz ore to shop

    I agree with the suggestion but fyi you can always go to the nether and pick some up with a fortune pick if you didn't know. +1
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    Pixelmon Ability Mod Added to Vote Shop

    +1 i personally like the idea.
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    Pixelmon Ability Mod Added to Vote Shop

    So you mean a ability mod which can change a pokemon ability to its HA. Which is unlike a ability capsule which can only change its 2nd ability.
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    Declined Milo's Staff App :D

    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN): milo31100 2 ) Discord contact: milo#1284 3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?: Firstly i would want to recognize the problem by asking both players their sides of the story (In PMs). I would then try and figure a solution...
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    Declined Reapplying For Staff

    Question 1: milo31100 Question 2: milo#1284 Question 3: How I would handle two arguing players is that I would listen to both of the players stories then, try to sort out the problem. If one of the players if being rude to myself or the other player I would give them a warning then, if they...
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    Declined Milo's Staff Application.

    1. Milo31100 2. Chicksloveit#6932 3. I would ask them to both be quite and to chill and relaxed and then PM them both and try to get a resolution to the problem and if that doesn't work I will go out my way and try to make them both satisfied with the resolution and making them feel happy 4...