Below you can find our current Pixelmon server rules that have been put in place in order to keep users from having a bad gaming experience on our Pixelmon servers. While these rules have their own set punishments available to our staff team, punishments may be handed out at our own discretion if we feel it is needed. If you believe a punishment was given unjustly, please open a support ticket in our discord, or submit a ban appeal.

Our rules are tiered by the severity of the punishments associated with them, from Minor offenses all the way to Blacklisted offenses.


  • Use common sense and don't disrupt other players gaming experience. If you are unsure about any rule, make sure to ask a member of staff.
  • Use English-only in the main server chat. Other languages can only be used in private messages or hidden secondary chats.
  • Advertising any social media platform or other Minecraft servers is not allowed in any capacity.
  • Character spam, caps spam, or repeating the same message with little to no changes will be punished.
  • Swearing is only punishable when the Blaze Filter is purposefully bypassed.
  • Inappropriate topics and language will not be tolerated on Blaze Services (This includes but not limited to, sexual acts, drugs, weapons, or politics).
  • Do not make suicide jokes (This includes but not limited to: Signs, Private messages, /mail or global chat).
  • Do not beg players or staff for free items, money, pokemon, etc.
  • Do not TPA spam players or staff for any reason (If a player reports you for TPA spam, you will be punished).


  • Player Trapping or Killing (in any way) is Strictly Forbidden.
  • Do not bully, harass, or name call players (This includes but is not limited to: Signs, Private messages, /mail or global chat).
  • If a player asks you to leave their claim, you must leave.
  • Do not misuse the Discord to game server chat (This includes but not limited to: Pretending a rare pokemon spawned, Impersonating staff, or Baiting players).
  • Do not post fake, renamed items to pose as others to bait players on the GTS.
  • Do not start a heated argument with a staff member for any reason. If you believe staff are acting unfairly in any way, contact an Administrator or higher staff member on our discord server.
  • Inappropriate, player skins, builds, names, nicknames, pokemon names, or item names are not allowed and punishable.
  • All player run casinos are strictly prohibited, and player hosted events must be confirmed with Administrator or higher Staff members before being hosted.
  • Do not discuss rules or punishments in public chats. If you have a question or concern regarding a rule or punishment, contact an Administrator or above directly.


  • Illegal mods or hacked clients are strictly prohibited (This includes but not limited to, Pokeradar, X-Ray, Autoclickers, Macros, or any mods that give you an unfair advantage, list below).
  • Do not grief, raid, or steal from player builds (claimed or unclaimed) for any reason!
  • Claiming or building within 25 blocks of another players claim is not allowed unless given permission by the Owner of the claim.
  • Griefs, raids, or stolen items will not be reimbursed if not reported within 90 days.
  • Any form of punishment evading using alternative accounts or discord will result in harsher punishment.
  • Alternative accounts may not be used to boost the main account through one time rewards. This is only acceptable with donor rewards such as donor kits, one time items and perks.
  • Do not attempt to start server riots.
  • Staff impersonation is strictly prohibited!
  • All "IRL" trades must go through the donation store, and not any other forms of payment.
  • Cross-server trading is only allowed through gift card deals. A player must be receiving or buying a gift card for the items in a cross-server trade.


  • Racism is strictly forbidden
  • Discrimination is strictly forbidden
  • Duping or exploiting glitches is strictly forbidden.
  • Death Threats are not tolerated on the server
  • DDOS threats are not allowed on the server
  • Terrorism or bombing jokes will not be tolerated on the server

Illegal Mods/Clients:

  • Hacked Clients
  • Poke Radar
  • X-Ray
  • ForgeHax
  • Scenter Mod
  • Better Sprint
  • ForgeWurst
  • Mining Goggles
  • Huzuni
  • Auto-Clickers
  • Liquid ForgeWurst