Below you can find our current Pixelmon server rules that have been put in place in order to keep users from having a bad gaming experience on our Pixelmon servers. While these rules have their own set punishments available to our staff team, punishments may be handed out at our own discretion if we feel it is needed. If you believe a punishment was given unjustly, please open a support ticket in our discord, or submit a ban appeal.

Our rules are tiered by the severity of the punishments associated with them, from Minor offenses all the way to Blacklisted offenses.


  • Use common sense and don't disrupt another players gaming experience. If you are unsure about a rule, make sure to ask a member of staff.
  • Avoid usage of excessive character spam and caps spam.
  • Use English-only in the main server chat. Other languages can only be used in only private messages or hidden secondary chats.
  • Only vote using your own IGN.
  • Underselling is not allowed. (Use the /pl command in-game to check the value of what you're trying to sell!)


  • You may not use any harmful or otherwise objectionable language towards any other players or staff members this includes in chat and in /msg.
  • Player killing or trapping is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not beg or ask players and staff members for items, money, OP, Homes, etc.
  • Donator commands are only for donors, do not use them for other players.
  • Do not TPA spam players or staff for any reason. (If a player reports you for TPA spam, you will be punished)
  • Do not set homes at other people’s claims/homes unless given permission. Also do not set a home under their claim or a few blocks outside their claim barriers.
  • If a player asks you to leave their claim you must leave.
  • Do not use Discord chat to pretend that a legend spawned.
  • Do not use Discord to bypass any punishment, it will result in discord perms being taken for a the duration of your punishment or at the staff members discretion.


  • Do not grief, raid or steal from other players (claimed or unclaimed) for any reason! Claiming or building within 25 blocks of a players claim is not allowed unless given permission.
  • If a player does not report a griefed, raided or stolen claim within 90 days, the server will not reimburse them for their losses.
  • Do not rename any items, tools or pictures with inappropriate names, topics or symbols and drop them on players or sell them in GTS.
  • Do not use any illegal mods or clients. This includes Pokeradar, X-Ray or any other mods that give you an unfair advantage.
  • Player-hosted giveaways are not allowed. (Includes Drop-Parties, Small-Giveaways, Donations or Events) unless given permission by a member of the staff team that is an Administrator or above.
  • Do not argue with a staff member for any reason. If you believe there to be an issue with a staff member you would like to dispute, contact an Administrator or above of the staff team on our Discord.
  • No cross-server trading is allowed.
  • Loaning, lending or borrowing Pokemon for Pokedex is not allowed. Pokedex trading may lead to your account being fully reset.
  • No GTS Baiting. (/info gtsbaiting for explanation)
  • Breaking in or out of jail is forbidden! It will result in longer jail time.
  • Do not go to another server to evade punishments, it will result in a longer punishment time.
  • Do not attempt to start server riots.
  • Do not impersonate staff, it's strictly forbidden!
  • Up to 3 alts are allowed as long as they are not used for malicious intent or personal gain. (Avoiding punishments, camping legends, etc.)
  • Auto Clickers, Macros or auto farmers are forbidden.
  • Do not build inappropriate builds anywhere around the world.
  • Do not set inappropriate names or nicknames on players or Pokemon, inappropriate skins of any type are not allowed.
  • Do not attempt to bypass punishments (This includes but not limited to: Signs, Private messages, /mail, Discord).
  • All "IRL" trades must go through the donation store, and not any other forms of payment.
  • All player run casinos are strictly prohibited.


  • Absolutely no advertising of other servers or communities.
  • Use of racism or homophobia is not allowed.
  • No scamming players for any reason. If you make a deal, stick to it.
  • Do not bully, harass, or call anyone names. (This includes but is not limited to: Signs, Private messages, /mail or global chat.)
  • Duping or exploiting glitches is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not make suicide jokes, death threats or tell players/staff to kill themselves. (This includes but not limited to: Signs, Private messages, /mail or global chat.)

Illegal Mods/Clients:

  • Hacked Clients
  • Poke Radar
  • X-Ray
  • ForgeHax
  • Scenter Mod
  • Better Sprint
  • ForgeWurst
  • Mining Goggles
  • Huzuni
  • Auto-Clickers
  • Liquid ForgeWurst