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    1) ColtyMolty

    2) Disocord: ColtyMolty#2826

    3) I'd talk to them, try to calm them down while trying to find out what the issue was.
    I'd try to investigate more into it and find out who is at fault. Once I found out who was at fault, I'd try to talk
    them through it and warn them not to do that again.
    4) I would tell them that it's against the rules and warn them that it could result in a mute if they continue.
    If they wouldn't stop, mute them.
    5) I'd ask them to stop, if they don't, I'd warn them that this could result in a mute. If action continues, I'd mute them before more negativity spreads towards other players.
    6) I'm very active on the server, therefore I always communicate through it. Being really active gives me a chance of learning more than other players.
    7) I play approximately 10 hours a day, I come back from school at 12:00 PM , play till 10:00 PM.
    I take an hour break once in a while. I'd say 70 hours a week.
    8) Gulf Standard Time (GST)
    9) Pixelmon was the main reason I got Minecraft, therefore I have watched lots and lots of videos about it, and learned a lot from the Mods and Admins in Blaze.
    10) I really want to help out the server, make the people positive, erase all the negativity.
    11) Aqua

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