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    Hello, I am lavalion.
    (1)my IGN is LavaLionTV.
    (2)my discord is Lavalion#3736.
    (3)How would I handle two players arguing. I would ask them what the issue is and how can they resolve it or argue in private message where it isn't disturbing the global chat.
    (4)How would I handle a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter. I would message them telling them to stop. I would give them chances to stop if it continues it will result in mute, or kick and then contact a higher ranked staff or a player who has dealt with this kind of stuff and I will learn off of them.
    (5)If a player is insulting another player and or being disruptive. I will ask them politely to stop and see what the issue is. if its something unnecessary I will take action immediately to resolve a conflict, and or disturbance. If it continues I will enforce rules, result in kick, or mute
    (6)I think I have a lot to offer to the server as in building and authority. I will reinforce rules and guidelines. I think I will be a great addition to the staff and be a great addition to the community.
    (7)every week I usually play about 60-70 hours on your server and I really enjoy it and I have a lot of fun when I do.
    (8)I am playing on EST
    (9)I know a lot about pixelmon I know how for ex. (the red chain works and how to get the rubies to craft it) but yes I know a lot about pixelmon and I have a lot of knowledge to offer new players.
    (10)I have never scammed anyone, I have never insulted anyone, I help a lot when someone asks a question in chat. Im on a lot. I can help with issues and be a fun person to hang around.
    (11)I mainly play on inferno.
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