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    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN) Irish_Clover
    2 ) Discord contact- I will provide this if i get accepted so that no randoms add me.
    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?
    If it was bad where people were complaining about it then i would warn them if they dont listen then probably mute them for however long im allowed to depending what you guys have set
    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter?
    I would contact them directly through message and tell them to stop with the language cause its an all age server and if they dont listen I would then mute them for however long you guys teach me
    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them?
    From me they would get a warning, then a kick, and I think a 1 day ban is reasonable but if you tell me otherwise i will listen to your method
    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant?
    I have lots of experience being a staff in real life and in minecraft servers, I would just like to enjoy the game and help you guys out too so that the community builds to be a friendly and positive environment
    7 ) How many hours a week do you play on our community servers?
    Im gonna say maybe around 20 unless im busy some days considering i do work for real
    8 ) What time zone are you playing on?
    Mountain Time
    9 ) What do you know about Pixelmon?
    I know that its a mod developed frequently and You can basically just have fun, explore, meet new people and battle, and also grind for a nice team of Pokemon. I have a great amount of knowledge about the pokemon but its not like professional i dont know every item and attack out there
    10 ) Any additional information you would like us to know.
    Im a nice respectable person, and I can handle things very well in tough situations by being the leader. Im a good problem solver, and I would like to help out the server! If I get picked for your team im excited to meet all the staff! Thanks for taking the time to read my application!
    11 ) What server do you mainly play on?

    I play on Inferno but if you need me on any other one i can switch!

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