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    3)I would handle two players arguing that are disrupting the peace by first asking them politely to stop, of course the way i would handle the situation depends on the intensity of it. if someone was arguing about a pokemon weakness i'd simply tell them who is correct. if the argument was more hostile i'd ask them to stop, if they don't do so i'd mute them both for 5 minutes
    4)If someone was trying to bypass the profanity filter i would warn them one and then mute them if necessary
    5)If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting to others, id ask them to stop, if they didn't id mute them, the time would depend on the intensity of how disruptive they are
    6)The reason you'd choose my application over another is because i am open, understanding, and helpful
    7)I probably play around 15 hours a week on the server
    8) My time zone is EDT
    9)I think the question should be what do i not know about pixelmon, i have a vast understanding of almost everything in the game. The only thing i have a somewhat vague understanding of is Breeding which im learning about right now.
    10)I honestly cant think of any additional information you'd care about, i love the game and id love to help the server out by being a staff
    11) i exclusively play on aqua but im open to playing the other servers as well

    Please consider me and have a great day!!

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