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    1) IGN: DarkZood

    2) discord: Meme God#2627

    3) how I would handle two arguing players: hear both sides of the story, and if one of them aggravated the other one give him/her a warning and if it continues mute the aggressor, if there was no particular aggressor tell them to stop arguing and if it continues give them both a 24hr warning.

    4) how I would stop a player trying to swear: I would tell him to stop or he'll get muted and them give him/her a warning, if he/she continues mute him for 30 minutes if after the 30 minute mute he/she continues 1 hour mute if it continues even after that 24 hour mute

    5) If their are players insulting others, first I would determine if there both joking to each other or if one is just being insulted, if someone is just straight up bein' insulted then mute the insulter for 30 minutes, then 1 hour, then 24 hours.

    6) you should choose me because I have a large knowledge of pixelmon, I've been playing sinse before reforged came out since I think 2 pixelmon versions before 2.4.2.

    7) some weeks I play about 20-30 hours, others about 10-12

    8) I play on Central Daylight Time

    9) I know a lot about Pixelmon and pokemon, sinse some people that play pixelmon are mainly familiar with the older generations, I could help out those people by helping them with new pokemon names, biomes, and what pokemon are good and what aren't.

    10) my parents are divorced so thats why some weeks I can play much less, because every other weekend I'm with him and he doesn't have a PC

    11) Aqua

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