Below you can find the compiled list of changes (or planned changes) we have coming up for this reset:

We've prepared a nice amount of changes.. some impacting economy and others just fresh makeovers to already existing plugins that weren't reaching their potential!


  • Taxation periods have been pushed to once every 7 days (previously every 8 hours)
  • Default clan member capacity has been set to 3 (clan creation).
  • Competitive clans member capacity has been set to 6.
  • Casual clans member capacity has been set to 10.
  • Legend clause has been applied to all clan gyms.
  • Clan activity score will now reset every tax period. This is the score used to determine which players in the clan have participated the most in defeating gyms, deposting funds, and more. Use /clan activity to view this.

Spawn Build

  • New spawns have been created for the Inferno and Aqua server. The layout is the same, but there seems to be two different beasts in control of both...
  • There are an abundance of new buildings and areas for players to hang out and use in their everyday Pixelmon experience. Just to list some: Money Center, Tutor Center, E4 Challenge, Plushie Center and more!
  • Presents have been hidden around the spawns.. use /presenthunt to view information on all the presents you're looking for!


  • CrateFall has been made better than ever! Use /cfall to view the brand new GUI that showcases leaderboards, crate drops and active crates!
  • Set your participation status in the new GUI with the custom toggle button!


  • PlayerWarps has gotten a refresh and brand new layout! Boost your player warps for exposure in custom chat broadcasts that allow players to teleport to your custom builds, shops, and more!
  • Players can boost a maximum of 2 warps at a time for $7500. Each boost lasts 24 hours and will display your warp on the front page of /pwarps for its duration.
  • Boosted warps stand out with special effects and prefixes.. start up your shop and invest money into pwarps to make it a business!


  • LegendPool has been overhauled and given the publicity it deserves. Adding legends to the pool now properly shouts a broadcast in chat to rally everyone into dumping the old and unwanted legends that people have cast away for the chance to spawn a legend on one of its participants!


  • BiomeRTP has also received a refresh and has been given a variety of new biomes which includes:
  1. Flower Forest
  2. Tundra
  3. Ice Spikes
  4. Sunflower Plains
  5. Beach
  6. River
  7. Ocean
  8. Mushroom Fields
  • BRTP cooldown is 1 hour.


  • The /shop GUI has been revived and given plenty of new categories of items for players to purchase and sell from the comfort of their base.
  • You can now purchase and sell multiple stacks of items/blocks at checkout.
  • Certain shop categories that were not functioning have been fixed.


  • The sell price of Heavy Balls has been increased to 250. Use these to make money daily on the server!
  • The buy price of certain breeding items has been increased to make breeding more grindy of an experience.
  • OT-only breeding has been removed and will be replaced with other limiters and taxes below. Dex entries still only count when you are OT of a pokemon.
  • GTS will now make all HA pokemon sold through it unbreedable. Pokes returned to player that do not sell do not become unbreedable.
  • Selling pokemon through the GTS will now tax the seller based on the IVs of the pokemon being sold. This excludes Dittos, Ultra Beasts & Legends:

GTS Tax Brackets
59.99% IVs or lower: 0% Tax
60%-69.99% IVs: 2.5% Tax
70%-79.99% IVs: 5% Tax
80%-89.99% IVs: 10% Tax
90-100% IVs: 17.5% Tax

  • There is now a Trade Limit of 3 Breedable HA's per week. You can use /pgift, trade machines and other forms of trading to transfer pokemon to one another.
  • BP pokemon will always be taxed in the highest tax bracket.

Updates in the very near future...

Some of our changes have taken a while to set up and make sure they are the best quality for everyone. We are working on perfecting some things and until then below is a change log that will be following in this new map:

  • Nether, End, Drowned & Ultra Space dimensions will be locked. They will soon become unlockable and feature dimension-specific boosters which will increase their value to players.
  • The BattleTower is currently under construction! We are working on an advanced new BattleTower that will feature a new currency that you receive from fighting against tough trainers and going far into the BattleTower!
  • The Elite Four challenge is going to have some changes that will change the way you all currently see the "Champion" prefix. Being a champion will mean so much more than just defeating an NPC for the title...
  • The Safari has been disabled and will be under construction to deliver a new event style system more closely related to the Pokemon games themselves.
  • PokeHunts are about to get a lot more rewarding! The new hunts plugin will feature multiple tiers of hunts where you can weigh your risk to reward ratio and go for rare pokemon that will put out higher rewards!


Below are a list of changes that were left out of the original announcement which will be featured in this reset:

  • SafeTrade is no longer part of the server. [4/12/22]
  • E4 challenge will not work unless you've beaten all NPC gyms first. [4/12/22]
  • Player Gyms have been disabled until further notice, all gym leader roles will be cleared. [4/12/22]
  • Price List mons will be updated with new values as the reset progresses with player feedback. [4/12/22]
  • New overlays and broadcasts will be featured this map, with some that include Vote Party notifiers and other fun events (like when you heal your pokemon!) [4/12/22]
  • Legends and UBs will not require you to be the OT in order to be registered as Dex Entries. [4/13/22]
  • You can now use /pokeignore to block players from sending you gifted pokemon. [4/13/22]
  • Fixed pokemon despawning within a 20 block radius if you are a Diamond+ donator. [4/13/22]
  • Made Durant rideable. [4/14/22]
  • NPC gym leaders have been lowered in difficulty by one boss level. [4/15/22]
  • Over 100 pokemon have been added to the PriceList in order to avoid low value pokemon being sold for broken prices. [4/15/22]