Below you can find many answers to the questions you may have about the upcoming reset.

Q: What exactly is resetting?
A: Pixelmons, (PC/Party), server map, inventory, backpacks, pokedex percentage, tokens.

Q: When is the server being taken offline?
A: 4/15 @ 11am EST

Q: When will the server be back online?
A: 4/15 @ 3pm EST

Q: I've spent money on the server, do I lose all my stuff?
A: Your ranks will automatically transfer over. All items purchased from 3/01/22 (March 1st ) will be refunded. We will not be refunding one time items or crate keys/other purchases purchased before this date..

Q: I just finished my house, can you paste it over?
A: No, sorry. Only server builds will be transferred over.

Q: Can you send us a download of the world so we can play on single player?
A: No, due to the fact that our server builds will be public.

Q: You're an old player wanting to return to Pixelmon again with the news of a wipe, how do you download it?
A: Use our technic pack,