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  1. Fawks

    Jurassic Survival Claim chunks

    Moving to pending Adding more ways to get land is definitely on the list of things we want to add - it will be coming!
  2. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Change to /is top competition

    Has been covered pretty well above Suggestion Denied
  3. Fawks

    Jurassic Survival Another suggestion- the end

    The End was reset on the 8th November! suggestion accepted
  4. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek /fly suggestion

    Unfortunately, this is not possible with our currently flight solution and we have no plans to change it anytime soon. Suggestion Denied
  5. Fawks

    Jurassic Survival Clear Lag suggestion

    This is already the case. If you're having issues with this, please open a ticket on the discord Suggestion Denied
  6. Fawks

    vanilla > pixel

    vanilla > pixel
  7. Fawks

    Official Skyblock (Map 7) | NEW CORE, BOOSTERS & MORE!

    GREEKSB: MAP 7 The Management team at Blaze Gaming Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S7. This map has been in the works since the beginning of S4 with some of the features we have planned to ensure they are implemented as smoothly as possible. Skyblock Season 7 will be...
  8. Fawks

    Jurassic Survival drowned spawns

    Read what Hyperion has said above, this is a vanilla mechanic Suggestion Denied
  9. Fawks

    EGYPT (MAP 1) | $750 CELL TOP

    EGYPT: MAP 1 After months of planning, testing and development from the team over at Blaze Gaming Vanilla, Prison is (finally) ready to be opened to the public. This server is unlike any ever seen on Blaze Gaming before. Egyptian Prison will be releasing on the 24th October @ 2PM EST. I'd...
  10. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Add Coarse dirt in shot

    Coarse Dirt has been added in /shop (Blocks) Suggestion Accepted!
  11. Fawks

    Pixelmon Public End and Nether Portals.

    Moved to Pending
  12. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Oak sign

    Moved to Pending Due to the nature of the plugin it is hard to give a "scope" of different items, so editing this clue to be something else will be done in the future!
  13. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Hopper Item

    As said above, CropHoppers and Upgradeable Hoppers are available in /hoppershop Suggestion Denied
  14. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek ability to bring items season to season

    Suggestion Denied Unfortunately this is something we do not want to implement due to the nature of Island TOP and how the server is currently balanced on a map-to-map basis. This would allow for people to move across 256 Sponges every map (6.4M in worth).
  15. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek sell chest commands

    Suggestion Denied Unfortunately, there is not enough information here to accurately make an improvement to Skyblock
  16. Fawks

    Official Skyblock (Map 6) | 1.16, MISSIONS & MORE!

    Hey Greek Skyblock Players! We're excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S6: the successor to Season 5 which will be opening on Saturday, 3rd October @ 2PM EST. This thread will be detailing everything which has changed on Blaze Skyblock for the new map; Make sure you read the entire...
  17. Fawks

    Pixelmon Banned 5 minutes after i joined the server

    Denied Please use the format in the main category
  18. Fawks

    Vanilla Ban Appeal (Discord)

    Appeal Denied. DM Advertising is not something we take lightly and this ban will remain in place for the time being. Please reappeal after 30 days.
  19. Fawks

    Forums Staff Team together

    Suggestion Denied. This will not be happening on Blaze Gaming as both staff teams operate in very different ways to each other. Initially, they ran almost identical but since I joined in April Vanilla has been adapted to what the Vanilla Gamemodes need - not what pixelmon needs. Our staff on...
  20. Fawks

    Pixelmon /speed in Website Store!

    /speed has been added to our webstore under commands: Suggestion Accepted!