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    1. Jmgardner18

      Getting to know each other

      Welcome to blaze bro, it’s good to have you here. You can call me by Jewel and feel free to ask me any questions
    2. Jmgardner18

      Jmgardner15/Jewel's Staff Application

      1) In-Game Name (IGN) Jmgardner15 2) Discord contact - Jewel#3305 3) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace? I'd ask them both to calm down and see how I can help them, as well as what caused the problem. If they both continue causing a server...
    3. Jmgardner18

      Discord Problem

      Even though this post is super old.. On discord there’s the server unlock tab, and also server-role-claim. Go to both of those and select which servers you play
    4. Jmgardner18

      Declined Staff Application

      1. Jmgardner15 2. Jewel#3305 3. I would try to calm both players and see how I could help resolve the problem, if both players proceed to argue then they will both need to be warned privately and then muted if they continue. 4. I would privately tell the player that bypassing the chat filter is...