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  1. Fawks

    Survival Classic Voting Rewards!

    Moved to Pending
  2. Fawks

    Survival Classic Make wolves non-stackable

    Moved to Pending
  3. Fawks

    Survival Classic Adding In-Game Ranks

    Moving to Pending. We already have a similar system on Skyblock - I feel like a smaller system to aide with the creation of buildings and such would be a good implementation of this system. We will look about implementing this soon :D
  4. Fawks

    Discord adding a #buildings thread to the survival discord section

    Suggestion Denied I believe that at the moment there is not enough demand for a section like this on our discord. In the future if the support behind this suggestion is there I will be happy to reconsider.
  5. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Double sponge pvp weekend

    Accepted Suggestion. This will be posted at 00:00 BST each Sunday morning until 00:00 BST each Monday starting this sunday! Check discord for more info
  6. Fawks

    Official Vanilla Staff Team

    Promotions: Isaaaac | Isaaaac#0671 --> Trial Mod kindigo17 | kindigo17#0102 --> Trial Mod Demotions: DeadlyGoat258 | DeadlyGoat258#0852 Hires: GhostPlayz | Ghosty#8690 mcp43 | Cookiez#7551
  7. Fawks

    Probally the best helper you will ever hire

    Application Denied. Please follow the format
  8. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Bounty System - Improved

    Moved to Pending
  9. Fawks

    Survival Classic Adding more to chat

    Moved to Pending This would be a great addition to the server and will see about adding it soon.
  10. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek skyblock blackscrolls

    Moved to Pending I feel this would be a great addition to the server and will see about adding them next season.
  11. Fawks

    Survival Classic Add Player Warps.

    Suggestion Denied I understand that the appeal for Player Warps is high - but right now it is not something we as a staff team can moderate for a plethora of reasons. However, the biggest problem of all is the problem with tp killing, trapping and players losing inventories. I believe that due...
  12. Fawks

    Survival Classic Change the combat system

    This will be looked into next time I have a chance. This should've already been done. Moving this to pending
  13. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek Slow Down clearlag

    ClearLag has to happen frequently to prevent the server from lagging. It occurs every 15 minutes - not five. Clearlag messages should have been fixed with them not showing up in chat. Suggestion Denied
  14. Fawks

    Survival Classic More specification is necessary in the forum rules. Politics has no place inside a game. Here's why:

    Honestly, I had no problem with political views being displayed on Survival but just to prevent issues in the future, it has been added to the rules post: Suggestion Accepted
  15. Fawks

    Skyblock Greek New cave at warp pvp

    Suggestion Accepted A new mine has been opened on the opposite side of the PvP - nearer to the smaller mines and the Cliff Koth
  16. Fawks

    Survival Classic Live auction

    I've decided Live Auctions is not something we will be looking to implement into Survival as we have /ah (Auction House) Thanks for your suggestion, this has been moved to declined.
  17. Fawks

    Survival Classic Adding a /warp shops or a public shop area

    Suggestion Accepted Please check our announcement thread here:
  18. Fawks


    Survival Players: The wait is over! The long-awaited /warp markets update for our Survival Classic Server is (finally) ready for release - admittedly, Survival has seen its fair share of neglect over the last few weeks with the development of Skyblock S2/3. Fear not! I am personally looking to...
  19. Fawks

    Forums Locked Ban Appeals

    Good Evening, This suggestion has been accepted and implemented into the forums. Ban appeals can no longer be viewed by everyone unless it is your own. Rather than moderating ban appeal posts, it makes more sense to make them private to staff-offender only. Moved to accepted
  20. Fawks

    Official Vanilla Staff Team

    Promotions: NutellaEater | Simonnn#5471 --> Moderator OXxWolfLordxXO | Legoshi#4689 --> Moderator Hires: jwr90 | JOER0011#5541