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    Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 3)

    Greetings Skyblock Players! We are now at the midpoint of the competitive Skyblock experience and you may be wondering what happened to the changelog last week? Well after moderating things that were going on in skyblock we felt that releasing a changelog just for the sake of it wouldn't do...
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    Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 1)

    Greetings Skyblock Players! The first week of the new Skyblock season sure has been hectic, with teams fighting to complete all the island missions as quick as possible as well as a fair few relaxing, quietly confident about their ability to come out on top. While that has been going on, we...
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    Jurassic Survival Enable death messages

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion! We have implemented this to go live on the next survival reboot. Thanks again!
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    The moment Skyblock S3 Opened we thought "this is great, but how can we make it better?" and from that point on it was our mission to make Skyblock S4 the most enjoyable experience yet; with over six weeks of planning, custom development and hundreds of hours put in by the Blaze Vanilla team...
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    Skyblock Greek skyblock pvp Suggestion

    This has been implemented thanks for the suggestion!
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    Skyblock Greek Minion Idea

    We are planning to add more custom minions down the road, though a chunk loader minion wouldn't be something that we would consider for the time being. On the point of minions being active while offline. We hope that we can implement this as soon as possible!
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    Skyblock Greek Custom Fishing

    I would love to implement something similar to this and plan to do so whenever we can, thanks for the awesome suggestion!
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    Skyblock Greek Next season add a non pvp mine

    This is being implemented into the next map of skyblock, Thanks for the great suggestion. We hope you guys enjoy this feature when it does launch!
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    Skyblock Greek Skyblock shop

    this has been implemented into the next map of skyblock. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Skyblock Greek Skyblock greek suggestion

    We plan to add many tags in the future though that particular one is not currently in the works. Thank you for the suggestion though!
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    Skyblock Greek Increase /ah max sell price

    This is being implemented into the next map of skyblock. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Skyblock Greek EC and PV issues in skyblock pvp

    Thank you for the suggestion. We do already do something similar though the developer which made our custom pvp plugin has been unable to fix the issue that is causing the plugin to not function upon a server reboot. We are looking for solutions and will update everyone when we find them.
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    Helper Application

    I am sorry that due to the circumstances you could not become a part of the team right now, you are welcome to reapply whenever you feel like it.