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  1. Winglet

    Pixelmon Adding Technical Records to TM Shops

    Accepted, Will be implemented at a later date.
  2. Winglet

    Pixelmon Pixelmon Suggestion

    Accepted, Will be implemented soon-ish
  3. Winglet

    Pixelmon Zygarde being unobtainable

    Accepted, Will be implemented at a later date.
  4. Winglet

    Pixelmon GS Balls

    Accepted, Will be implemented at a later date. The how is something I hope you'll enjoy
  5. Winglet

    Pixelmon Pokeball pouch or bag

    So a PokeBall specific pouch? That'd either require a custom client side mod to add a custom design/recipe or some other hacky code. Not undoable, But shouldn't general backpacks be more helpful for this?
  6. Winglet

    Pixelmon Ban Appeal for Christy_x

    Hi Christy, We reviewed your appeal and it's been accepted after investigating your claims, and the internal issues are being addressed. However, I'd like for it to be crystal clear that due to your past toxic behaviour This will be your final chance on the Network. Experiencing issues with...
  7. Winglet

    Pixelmon Zygarde being unobtainable

    Dusk/Dawn Mesa wouldn't be a bad location to be honest
  8. Winglet

    Pixelmon Zygarde being unobtainable

    I would love to see Zygarde getting a summoning item or naturally generated Shrine that requires interaction to Summon. But, that's up to the mod Developers. If it's not planned we could add it to natural spawns perhaps?
  9. Winglet

    sou novo

    Hi! Our forums are in English, I personally lack the translative abilities to reply to you in your native tongue. However I hope this guide should be useful in installing the mod!
  10. Winglet

    Official Inferno and Aqua Reset

    Today the management team is ready to unveil the newest chapter of our Pixelmon servers. On July 4th, 2020 we will be officially resetting Inferno and Aqua. What does this mean for the players of Inferno and Aqua? All progress including Pokemon, Pokedex, economy and builds will be reset...
  11. Winglet

    Pixelmon Perma Ban from the Network completetly

    Appeal reviewed, This ban will not be revoked. Have a nice day
  12. Winglet

    TheExistedHim's Staff Application ( I have my own DEV team that would probably come with me)

    We are not interested in business propositions in such a manner, especially when they are flat out advertisement on our Discord and forums. Next time you try and make a deal with someone, do it privately.
  13. Winglet

    Pixelmon XCadeX Discord Ban Appeal

    Appealed, Please follow the instructions provided by our Staff from here on out.
  14. Winglet

    Bloody shab back on it again

    Bloody shab back on it again
  15. Winglet

    Uni is silent murder

    Uni is silent murder
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  17. Winglet

    [BAN APPEAL] Spacio

    Appeal accepted, I was unable to reach out to you on Discord. Your ban has been revoked starting as of this minute With this unban I ask that you refamiliarize yourself with our Rules. Additionally I advice to mind your wording in any situation, what you say and do will impact both yourself and...
  18. Winglet

    Trouble connecting to server.

    Seems like your machine is unable to keep itself connected to the server, Make sure you connect using an Ethernet connection. Generally rebooting ones router is a great start as well. What's your usual internet speed at?