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  1. NutellaEater

    Jurassic Survival Item Shop

    Along with the 1.16 update came a ton of new blocks, which only suports the building mechanic of the game , my suggestion in to include some of these new blocks into the item store Like Blackstone and basalt from the nether, So its easier for people to reach for their builds -Nutella
  2. NutellaEater

    Approved ThePokemonMaster's Helper Application

    Hey Thanks for applying for the Blaze staffteam, you are a very active and long time player. Goodluck!
  3. NutellaEater

    Declined (ChappyEU) Helper application - Vanilla

    Hi Jayson I see you have good interests for the server I wish you goodLuck on your application
  4. NutellaEater

    Approved Staff Application

    NIce application King! I like that you added your social skills along with your job! Goodluck!
  5. NutellaEater

    Staff application. (I added some extra questions in)

    Hi Zach! Nice application,I think adding some questions for your own shows that your inventive! Tho i'm pretty sure every accepted participant starts out as a helper to make their way up along with getting new and higher responsibility's Goodluck on your application Nutella
  6. NutellaEater

    Declined Kennybarnes Staff application

    Hi kenny ! I enjoyed reading your application and see that you have good interests for the server! Goodluck
  7. NutellaEater

    Declined Greek Skyblock | Helper Application - Splash3579

    Please use the correct format :
  8. NutellaEater

    Staff aplly jurassic survival:___Chef

    Really glad you like the community, Ive also seen you've been helping and welcoming players a lot! Good luck with your application!
  9. NutellaEater

    Approved Helper

    Its nice to see you're ready to take tips & tricks to help improve your handling of situations, also nice add of your hobby's Good luck !
  10. NutellaEater

    Approved Helper application- eddie_mc

    I enjoy reading you Like playing the server and you strive for a better comunity, Good luck !
  11. NutellaEater

    Approved Chaarry's Vanilla Staff Application

    Nice application! i think that telling your hobbies and your preference on tea over coffee was a nice addition.
  12. NutellaEater

    Jurassic Survival Suggestion Survival

    Suggestion for Jurassic survival : everyone knows how anoying phantoms can be so my suggestion for this is add a /sleep command that resets the sleeping status of the player wich then prevents phantoms from spawning But maybe add like a 3 minecraft day cooldown for the command so it can't be...
  13. NutellaEater

    Vanilla Ban Appeal For Mute

    Its the post by jon Just replace "ban" with mute
  14. NutellaEater

    Vanilla Ban Appeal For Mute

    Please use the correct form
  15. NutellaEater

    Declined HpGameDy's Helper Application.

    Nice application, Well organised!
  16. NutellaEater

    Vanilla <SKYBLOCK> ban MICKYMOO2000

    I don't Know if this was accepted, Milanv contacted me and said he posted this in here, he copied the thread to ban appeals so dont mind this one if this is not accepted yet.
  17. NutellaEater

    Approved Staff Application NutellaEater

    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN): NutellaEater 2 ) Discord contact: Simonnn#5471 3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace? I Would try and find out both of their problems and why they are arguing, then try and find a solution that is fine with them both. If i am...