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  1. Meester_Ritchie

    Skyblock Greek Custom Fishing

    As title suggests, a custom fishing plugin. This could have so many possibilities. Could use a similar reward table to cluescrolls. Players could make "bait". One server i used to play on used Poison Potatoes for this with other items along side to increase things like % of higher tier...
  2. Meester_Ritchie

    Skyblock Greek Minion Idea

    The minions are a great idea and I think everyone will agree on that. So with that in mind, what possibly could be added: Fake Player Minion - This minion would load a small area whilst the member is online but not in that area. Yes, main use would be spawners. Now to stop this causing...
  3. Meester_Ritchie

    Skyblock Greek Gambling on Events

    In a recent Sumo event there seemed to be some interest in placing bets on a winner. Now obviously this would extend the events to be longer than they already are if we did it on a round for round basis. Maybe have a small time between everyone joining who wants to join and the start of the...
  4. Meester_Ritchie

    Approved Meester_Ritchie - Application

    First of all I would like preface this with the fact that, Yes, I am on a 7 day mute. This was down to a moment of not thinking before I typed. I didnt think of the offence it would cause and this is not normally like me. Please be assured, that if successful in this application, it wouldnt...