Below you can find our current Greek Skyblock server rules that have been put in place in order to keep users from having a bad gaming experience on our community servers. While these rules have their own set punishments available to our staff team, punishments may be handed out at our own discretion if we feel it is needed. If you believe a punishment was given unjustly, please open a support ticket in our discord, or submit a ban appeal.

Our rules are tiered by the severity of the punishments associated with them, from Minor offenses all the way to Blacklisted offenses.


  • Spamming - Spamming will be punishable if the same sentence is sent 3 or more times
  • Character Spam - Character Spam will be punishable if the same char is spammed 8 or more times
  • Capital Letters Spam - Caps spam will be punished if the sentence is more than just the "shock factor" of getting something and must be to purposely disrupt chat
  • Swearing - Swearing is not punishable unless the filter is purposely bypassed
  • Inappropriate Language - Inappropriate Language must not be used and inappropriate content must not be brought onto Blaze Vanilla Services (ie, talking about sexual acts, drugs, school shootings)
  • Use of MFL - MFL is not punishable when using /msg however English is the only language which should be spoken in main chat.
  • Inappropriate Names - Inappropriate names will be punishable if deemed unacceptable for a server environment


  • Inappropriate Names [Major] - Inappropriate names will be punishable if deemed unacceptable for a server environment
  • Promoting Inappropriate Behaviour - Promoting breaking the rules is not tolerated
  • Bullying is not tolerated on Skyblock
  • Impersonation of players and of staff is not tolerated
  • Advertising is a permanent mutable offence
  • Mute Evasion is not allowed under any circumstances
  • Teleport spam is punishable if reported by the user
  • Using Alternate Accounts for completing missions, quests or daily quests is not allowed and will result in punishment
  • Use of any automatic redstone farms is disallowed


  • Scamming is not tolerated on the server - IRL Deals for items affecting Island TOP must be approved by staff in all cases otherwise both islands risk punishment. Management has all rights to ban a certain IRL Deal if deemed innapropriate
  • Hacking is not tolerated on the server
    Ban Evasion is not allowed on the server and will result in a longer/permanent punishment
  • Autoclicking, using weights on your mouse or the F11 Glitch is disallowed on skyblock and will result in punishment
  • Island Merging is allowed as long as it has been approved by a SrAdmin or Manager. Before considering merging islands please check the following list of items allowed and disallowed from being taken to your new island
  • The alt limit must not be exceeded (this limit is that you are allowed 10 island members total)
  • Cobble Monstering is strictly forbidden and will result in punishment
  • Large Minecart and TNT Mining apparatuses are not allowed and will be removed and 20% of Island Worth being removed


  • Duplication
  • Bug Exploitation
  • Griefing
  • DDOX/DOX Implications/Actions
  • Death Threats / Suicide Threats
  • Terrorism / Bombing Jokes
  • Racism
  • Discrimination
  • Homophobia
Vanilla Allowed/Disallowed Mods List