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Add Player Warps to connect the server more

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I suggest adding player warps. These would benefit the community and also boost the chestshop plugin.

On a survival server, especially a multiplayer one, player warps are essential. The economy thrives on players working with one another/sharing spaces/builds.

Player warps provide players a way to get around the server and play with their friends when their not online. Things like public mob grinders, public farms, towns, and shops are essential and players need to be able to get around to them.

Now, ive brought this up before and the response i got from some players were "Oh no, i dont want people to have access to my build". My answer to that is, do not set a warp there.

Ive also heard from staff that "We cannot handle the amount of issues that will arise from that". Ive asked what issues they were speaking of, but they could not produce any that they dont already deal with.

Ive played many survival servers, and every one i have played has had player warps except for this one. I do not see how player warps are different from island warps on skyblock. Why is it that the staff i have talked to believe it is perfectly fine on Skyblock but not on survival?

A few things i would note about this:
Players should not be able to set the warp. A staff member should have to set it. A previous server I played on did it this way and there were no issues. This would help warp names be clean and the staff member would be able to see that the warp is safe.

For the staff saying that issues would arise, such as trapping and killing. You deal with these with the /tp command anyway. If trapping and killing is really that big of an issue, remove /tpa. If its an issue with workload, then resign and let another player that can handle the work fill your position.

For players saying they dont want their warp public, do not have one set. If you choose to set a warp at an area, you accept that it will be public and players can come there. Theres no massive warp list, you actually have to tell people your warp, so that would be your fault.

Below are added Discussions from discord:

So I know @Fawks mentioned adding a marketplace/mall area where players could rent out shops. I think this is a fantastic idea, however, would there be any consideration into adding or allowing player warps? they could be limited, or even add in a in-game rank system, purchasable with in-game currency, each tier could unlock different perks, maybe a /setwarp could be included in one of the ranks? Just an idea that I'd like to hear back on... considering it seems a lot of players make towns on survival, yet there is no warp for the towns or way for players to get to said towns... a warp system could make player shops/the chest shop plugin viable? Just a thought

Player warps can be abused as traps, but with staff being more active on survival I think it is a good idea and can be upkept

I think thats a great idea. A previous server i was on had it so players had to ask a staff to set the warp
That would hopefully help protect against traps as ...... says

The only other issue is griefing and/or harassment. If this was to be done right, you would need to allow players to deny individuals the ability to warp to the claim as needed

Well warps would be public, so if you wanted one set you would acknowledge the fact that you're making that area public

the public isn't all safe though. there are players who join servers just to cause chaos. and the ability to filter them out immediately would be ideal

Yes of course, i would just say from previous experience working on a server as a super admin, we had almost no issues like that. But when we did, barley any damage was done

Staff member-
currently player warps would be ridiculously hard to monitor, and just in general aren’t a thing that we feel would end well. with the amount of griefing, tp killing, etc that already goes on as is, adding a way to allow players to warp with no direct agreement just seems like a bad idea. it might be something implemented in the future, but it’s not something that we are really looking at any time soon at least. it’s a cool idea in theory, but it’ll be a looot of hassle

But i think its the players decision to add the warp
I mean you guys have a protection plugin. They should claim their land

I definitely see your point... but speaking from experience... I've played on or staffed over a dozen servers that had this implemented and working totally fine. Personally, it seems you have an abundance of staff, usually online as well. The simple fact is it seems many of them do not have the ability to handle/deal with the issues that arise, or in this case, could arise from player warps... Perhaps looking into that could resolve a lot of these proposed issues.

I'm speaking purely in terms of ability as in commands/permissions. I'm not saying they aren't experienced to do so.

It just feels like the majority of issues that come up, the solution always seems to lead to "asking a higher up" or wait for the admin/senior staff to come on an handle the issue.

Staff member-
things like playerwarps set by staff, and maybe a certain (relatively expensive) rank needed to be allowed to set them would be cool


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I understand that the appeal for Player Warps is high - but right now it is not something we as a staff team can moderate for a plethora of reasons. However, the biggest problem of all is the problem with tp killing, trapping and players losing inventories. I believe that due to the high number of cases of people being tp killed on the server already, this would just add to the problem.

For this reason I feel /warp markets, set to release on Saturday, is a much more elegant system which allows players to run their shops in a safe, pvp-free zone.

Thanks for the suggestion.