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    New Member
    IGN: SuperiorGains
    Server Banned From: I Play Mainly On Aqua, Banned From The Whole Server.
    This is the first time I've been banned, I have been jailed on a few occasions for different reasons such as Accidental Griefing and Toxicity.
    I was banned by PrincessQFusion permanently for "Being inappropriate and harassment and being toxic"
    "Why Should We Unban You?" It's a good question and 1 that I can not justify, I haven't been great. I have been toxic, I have harassed and I was definitely inappropriate. The fact is I can not make up for my actions. Simply put I was warned by staff not to be toxic but I carried on, I didn't know I had gone this far when it came to breaking the rules. My last punishment was a 6h Jail and had no idea that it would lead to a perma ban (it honestly felt very sudden). I do know, however that I have completely woken up from this ban and I can assure you now, that if you guys will allow me the opportunity of redemption, that 1 last chance, that I definitely will not carry on like I have before. If I were unbanned, I would not be the same, from here on out there would be no way I would make any more jokes of any sort, I honestly would be calm, isolated and of no trouble to anyone else.. I really like this server as shown in my fairly recent donation and would in no way risk myself getting banned once again. I truly am sorry and hope that I can receive this very last chance to prove to you that I will do better. Please, I will change my ways.
    Evidence To Support My Claim: I have no claim, besides the the fact that I have done wrong things, which at first to myself did seem harmless but clearly not. I just hope that if I were to be unbanned, that if anything I could be evidence, that unbanning me is the right thing to do.