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    New Member
    1 ) Your In-Game-Name (IGN)

    2 ) Is this your first time being banned? If not, how many times?

    3 ) Who banned you and for how long?
    I am unsure who banned me but it was a perm ban.

    4 ) Why should we unban you?
    I was banned because a friend was caught duping emerald blocks while I was staff on the server. Since I was staff and they knew I was his friend they assumed I knew about the duplication because my balance increased significantly around the same time his did. My balanced increased because him and I had spent many hours in the ultra world and were selling plates and crystals for a ton of money (this was around a week after the ultra beasts were released). We also shared breeding areas and sold what we breed, splitting the money the entire time. I was banned without ever seeing the duping machine and if you asked I would have no clue how he did it to this day. I was in a call with other staff when I was banned, I was first kicked from the discord, and then got the message in-game saying you have been banned. The only reason I know why I was banned was because one of the staff that I had become friends with (shadow) told me that it was due to a duping machine my friend had.

    5 ) Evidence to support your claim.
    At the time that I was banned, I was a very active staff member, constantly answering people's questions in chat, while attempting to get a perfect arceus by summoning tons of them (the ultra world was new and the spawn rates were broken). I did not have time to dupe while doing all of that. In addition to all of that since I was staff there were other members constantly teleporting to me, most of the time without telling me that they were. If I was duping I would have been caught in five minutes and wouldnt have had the chance to make a noticeable amount of money. I also am aware that the first offense for duping is a temp ban, not a perm ban, so please keep that into consideration.


    New Member
    Sorry about the length but I tried to make sure that the situation was well explained.


    Staff member
    Thanks for filing a ban plea. Seeing that it has been a very long time since you were banned, and there's no direct evidence against you, you will be Unbanned. Enjoy playing on the server again! Locking thread.
    Not open for further replies.