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  • Blicky's discord ban appeal.

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    THIS IS A DISCORD BAN APPEAL, NOT AN IN-GAME ONE (I would like Jon to read this please, or teamo, since i'm pretty sure those are the only staff that know me now.)
    1 ) Your In-Game Name: Blickys
    2 ) Is this your first time being banned? If not, how many times? Only once
    3 ) Who banned you and for how long? Jon, permanently.
    4 ) Why should we unban you? Well, I've been playing on the server for around a year now, maybe a bit more maybe a bit less, I was really dedicated to the server (was #1 donator back then for some time) and at one point was even an admin. despite my dedication, I was very very toxic back then, and that was what got me banned. I now realize how dumb I was being and how unfunny it really was. I'm now considering coming back to the game and I want to be able to join the discord on my main account again. I miss the community and wish to be apart of it again and promise to refrain from being toxic.
    5 ) Evidence to support your claim. I can't really put anything here
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