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    New Member
    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN) - My IGN for now is chickenman525 aka [Supreme] JackFrostChick

    2 ) Discord contact - My discord username is Chickenman525#0160, I am available usually any time except when I'm sleeping and when I'm working which is mainly 2pm-10pm Central Standard Time

    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace? - In my previous years as staff of many other Pixelmon servers, usually I would refer the players in question to please use ./msg as to avoid "peace disruption" of main/global chat. If the issue escalated and requires staff attention, I would then proceed to issue verbal warnings/./warnings (from other server use of staff commands) depending on the severity of the conversation. If all verbal warnings and/or attempts to move said conversation into private messages I would then issue a temporary mute for the reasons of failure to follow staff instruction, disrupting the calm and friendly atmosphere this server provides, and exceeding the limit of ./warns and verbal warns issued by a staff member.

    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter? - I've only been apart of one server that used a chat censoring plugin, however I'm sure across all boards as handled in each server, I would again Issue a verbal warning depending on the character of said individual. A staff member knowing their community can tell when someones "joking" in a manner of they have been here and they pulling a leg or two, or they are fairly new to the server and are "testing the waters." In case A, I would remind the veteran player that they "should" know the ./rules fairly well by now and know better then to attempt to bypass anything that staff have set in place whether it be chat censor or barriers, which in my opinion would incur a more direct warning then a newer player. In case B, I would kindly and respectfully make the player aware of the ./rules #1, #5, #6 if applicable, #11 (yes in some places specific words are banned in other servers), #19, #24, and #26 if they escalated to a toxic degree. I would also make them aware that trying to use words that go along with any of the rules listed above would be not allowed if they tried to get around them by saying other words intended to be directly linked to say suicide or death.

    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them? - Depending on the reason why the player in question was being disruptive and insulting I would try to figure out the room problem first as case to case every detail is always different one way or another. If the player is simply being disruptive for toxicity sake constantly not following the ./rules set in place, ignoring staff commands I would follow the proper chain of the warning system set in place by the server as directed to me by superior staff. Usually, in my previous staff experience we were told to issue a verbal warning, 2 ./warnings, and then issue a 30m temporary mute, if that did not solve the problem they would then receive up to a 2h mute or a temporary 1 day-2 day ban depending on the severity. We were told to use our upmost staff discretion from case to case as the owner never wanted to escalate to a perm mute/perm ban, however if the situation did indeed happen I would most likely issue a temporary ban for a day if the problem kept persisting after following the warning system.

    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant? -
    You should choose me to represent the server as a staff member, because I am a mature individual capable of using my discretion as staff from a case to case standpoint, I have extensive Pixelmon, Pokemon, Minecraft, Technic, World Edit, Grief-Prevention Claim Flags, LuckyPerms, Nucleus Commands, Server Commands, Directional, and Guiding knowledge that I have gained over many years of staffing and playing Pixelmon/Minecraft servers, and I am in good standings (that I know of) with a majority of the Inferno Pixelmon Community which will help me have a decent understanding of the player base. I am able to answer a vast majority of questions people might have regarding the subjects listed above and my most favorite thing to as a staff member on other servers was to help people learn all the "difficult" mechanics Pixelmon and Pokemon alike have to offer. Finally, you should choose me because I am a committed individual in what I apply myself towards whether it be irl or in game, I've made documents before for staff meetings, devoted my time to editing and making configs for Pixelmon shops before the fancy JSON updates, setting up ./warp shops' with command signs and NPC run shops and player made shops, I have made many server builds for gym towns, game-land warps, or community warps such as a warp we called ./warp cerulean-cave which was filled with Pixelmon-Spawners that would spawn lvl60-70 Pokemon for people to catch more rarer and interesting Pokemon or to Hidden-Ability hunt to enjoy the server more.