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  • Approved Galygious - Staff application #2

    Do you think i should be staff?

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    New Member

    · High maturity level


    · Understand and be able to use English to type


    · Active player in the Blaze Gaming community servers


    · Must have Discord



    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN)


    2 ) Discord contact


    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?

    I would inform those players that their actions violate the servers rules and recommend they take the conversation to private chat.

    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter?

    I would let the player know that this is punishable with a mute and that the filter is there for a reason. We have many younger players on our server and the environment on our server needs to be welcoming to all players.

    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them?

    I would pm this player and let them know that they are violating rules 24, and rule 1. that this is absolutely not okay on our server and that these actions are punishable. I would also communicate there are better ways of handling these situations and that stooping to this level doesn't help resolution of any conflict. Should the player continue or the conflict not resolve I would utilize other tools in my belt such as a warning or a mute to bring the issue to a close.

    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant?

    I believe that you would choose me as a staff member because of my experience and the skills that I bring to the table. I ran a tekkit server with an active player base of 200 people daily for 2 years. I am well spoken and handle verbal confrontation with grace. I also am a very active member on our server and believe that many other players regard me as a stand up Individual.

    7 ) How many hours a week do you play on our community servers?

    60 about 12 hours a day with a few days off here and there.

    8 ) What time zone are you playing on?

    Pacific standard time. (GMT -7)

    9 ) What do you know about Pixelmon?

    I am proficient in pokemon training and battleing. Though I am unfamiliar with many of the newer generational pokemon I am growing very quickly in my knowledge. I am very knowledgeable on the topic of breeding and bp pokemon setup aswell. My strongest skill remains in the minecraft aspect of this mod pack as I have been a player since alpha. I am a great economist and pretty dedicated builder, as well as just a general minecraft geek.

    10 ) Any additional information you would like us to know.

    I was recommended to submit a staff application my milo311000, aswell as PerfectTempo

    11 ) What server do you mainly play on?

    mc-blaze Inferno.

    Please feel free to leave any feedback if you have any. Thanks so much! :)