Declined IJuulInSchuul's Staff Application

1) IGN: IJuulInSchuul
2) Discord contact: westonholbert#4693
3) At first, I would ask the players to take the argument into private messages. Then if the problem continues, I would warn them that if they continue it will result in a mute. If the problem persists, I would start with a 10 minute mute and build up from there.
4) I would first give them a warning that attempting to bypass the server's profanity filter is against the rules, then if the problem continued I would start with a 10 minute mute and build up from there.
5) If a player is continually heckling other players, I would first jail them for an hour and build up from there.
6) I am a very patient person and I like to see both sides of an issue before jumping to a conclusion. You said you would like maturity on your staff, and I feel like I fit the equation perfectly.
7) Currently I am trying to get back into playing on the server. Fall baseball season just ended so I will have plenty of time to spend in the community.
8) Central U.S.
9) I have been playing pixelmon for about 3 years now and I have played Pokemon itself for 10 years of my life. There isn't a lot I don't know and if I don't know something I am enthused to learn about it.
10) I really like the way the server is conducted and I would like to do my best to be a part of that. Blaze has the best staff of any server I have played on and it is a group I would like to be a part of.
11) I have time logged on all three servers but I mainly play on Inferno.

Thank you for your time.