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So, this is kind of a long one, but just bare with me. I think we can all benefit greatly from this. So, I have some opinions on some things regarding what's allowed in chat, specifically mentioning even the name of another server. Here's my personal story, and if any of you have your own experiences similar to this one, please consider telling us by replying to this thread. Here's what happened to me: So today at around 4:05 PM CDT, I said as follows. "Ritchie, what kinda people did you bring on here? Hypixel players on Blaze? xD," and that's where it happened... I was muted for 7 days with no way to request compensation.
So, for some context, I got on Blaze Skyblock Greek sometime around 4 PM (my online class gets out at 3:59), and there were 42 players on, which, if you've ever been on the SB server, you know that's pretty unusual (even at the launch of a new season, there's usually only about 30 players max). So, since I was confused, I said, "Why are there so many players?" Ritchie responded, saying he was streaming, and they all came from his stream. Then someone (whom I have to assume came from his stream, but I can't confirm this) said "I just realized I'm still on 1.8 from Hypixel, I'll brb," which is when I said what I said. He got muted for a week, as did I. He, in my opinion, and I'm sure in many of your's as well, was completely innocent. He was just saying he'd be back because he was on the wrong version of Minecraft, and he said it was because he was just on Hypixel before. Does that warrant a 7 day mute? I mean, think about it, was he "promoting" the server, or just saying its name in a sentence? Yeah, I think you can figure that one out. Now, I know that since it's < 2 weeks I can't submit a mute/ban appeal, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm honestly just trying to make some changes; and for the better, too! If we don't promote a server, and we just say its name, and we get muted for a whole week without any way to appeal for it, how can we know we really are able to express ourselves in a fun, enjoyable environment like a Minecraft skyblock server? I would be fine if it was just a mute for, say, 12 hours, because that's reasonable. But if you don't even say anything about the server, just mention its name in any way at all, and you get muted for 7 days, I feel that's a bit harsh. I'm going to start a petition to either A. change this policy, and change it into a rule with a bit more leniency, or B. allow mute appeals (and the chat logs if the time of the mute is provided with details) to be checked even if it's under 7 days. If you would like to get this some recognition from the staff, please upvote this thread. Thank you, and once again, this isn't an appeal, just a friendly survey in the community to bring awareness to some much-needed change for the greater good. Thank you all for supporting the abolition of wrongful injustice, and I hope you don't ever have to experience this yourself. It may sound like it's not very bad, since it's just that you can't talk in the chat, but if has happened to you, yourself, you'll know just how frustrating it really is. I wish you a great rest of your evening (or whatever time of day it is in your time zone), and I'll be checking this thread frequently.
Sincerely, Splash3579 of the Skyblock Greek server.
Obvious bs in my opinion, people shouldn't get banned for just mentioning another server unless advertisement is intended and come on let's be real who hasn't heard of and/or played on hypixel before? Really unreasonable mute imo let's be a lil bit human huh not robots, admins can be flexible with the rules especially in a situation like this one