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  • Ive been permantly banned on accident

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    New Member
    1 ) Your In-Game Name (IGN) ScarySharkss
    2 ) Is this your first time being banned? No. If not, how many times? Should be 3.
    3 ) Who banned you and for how long?some guy dont know his name but it wasnt corrupt or anything but two admins must of saw me at the same time doing it because one of them banned me for the third time for 7days and the other one who must of saw me at the same time must of banned me as soon as the other guy banned me. the guys name is APiper01 and ive apparently been caught 4 times even though ive only done it 3 times so i should only have around 5 days on my ban rn?
    4 ) Why should we unban you? because i love this server, it great and i wont ever hack on it again.
    5 ) Evidence to support your claim.Under this sentanceupload_2019-11-10_17-57-31.png


    Staff member
    Thanks for filing a ban plea. As you have been warned and punished for using hacks on our server, your ban plea is denied. You can file another ban plea in 30 days if you think this outcome is unfair. Locking this thread
    Not open for further replies.