Approved Kindigo17 Staff Application


Vanilla Staff Team
What is your IGN?
My in game name is kindigo17.

What is your age?
I am currently 19 years old.

What is your Timezone?
I am in Central Standard Time.

When did you first join Blaze Vanilla Servers?
I first joined the survival server around a month ago as of writing this application.

Why are you applying to be a staff member?
I'm applying for staff because I first joined this server not knowing what the server was about, and ended up enjoying the environment around the server. I have talked to some staff about how they go about helping the server and I'd love to become part of the community.

What makes you different from other applicants?
I do have a job, but I work with kids ranging from 3-16 on the daily basis in real life, and am quite good at resolving conflicts between the general age that plays Minecraft. I love chatting with people and have a love for meeting new people. Unlike other applicants, I feel like I really have a sense of the community as I have played at almost every time period of the day and have learned many personalities of different players on the survival server.

What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?
To make this server more enjoyable, I would be a Helper who would try to resolve conflicts without problems in a main chat, so that every new player would have the chance to join in a welcoming environment. I would try to be as personable as possible while still adhering to the rules on the server, and would make sure that any players with questions would get them answered well and in a timely manner.

Would you like to add anything else?
I began this application process by asking Wolf about how the process worked, and they were very helpful and pointed me in the exact correct direction. I have played on survival and a bit on skyblock, but have enjoyed every moment and build that I have been a part of. Thank y'all for your time and consideration.

DISCORD: My discord is kindigo17#0102 for any more questions!