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    New Member
    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN)

    2 ) Discord contact

    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?
    I would first reference the rules already set in place by my higher ups. Depending on the severity of the argument I would assess the situation and act accordingly. I would record both players sides and try to find peace between the two. If the players continue to show aggression towards one another, I would punish each with the referred punishment to the offence.

    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter?
    If a player is bypassing the profanity filter, I would first give them a warning and make sure they understand the rules. If they continue to bypass the profanity filter, I would act accordingly while referring to the punishment per offence.

    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them?
    If a player was constantly disrupting and insulting others, I would act similarly to a player bypassing the profanity filter. I would first warn them and make sure they understand the rules and the harm they cause. If they continue to disrupt and insult others, I would act accordingly to the punishment guidelines and punish the player accordingly.

    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant?
    I believe I would make a better applicant than other staff because of my personality traits and past experience. I love helping out and connecting between other people. I'm a socially out-going individual who loves to meet new people. I also have a pretty decent sense of humor, however I can be serious when I need to. I have experience of staffing from when I was staff on a DarkRP server on G-Mod. I did similar work resolving arguements between players and restoring peace for the server.

    7 ) How many hours a week do you play on our community servers?
    I averagely play on the pixelmon server for about 6 hours each day, however the hours differentiate depending on the day. Weekends can be up to 12 hours a day and weekdays can be as low as 2 hours a day.

    8 ) What time zone are you playing on?
    I play on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    9 ) What do you know about Pixelmon?
    I don't currently know that much about pixelmon but I strive to learn more. I am currently mastering my breeding skills and am learning more each day.

    10 ) Any additional information you would like us to know.
    I am turning 16 in less than 2 months but from what I have heard, age levels aren't relevant with staff applications, only maturity level.

    11 ) What server do you mainly play on?
    I currently play on the Aqua Pixelmon server.