Pixelmon My Final Ban Appeal. After this I will no longer try. The full story and nothing more

  • Your In-Game Name (IGN)
    • Parhaps_0001
  • What server were you banned from?
    • Blaze Gaming
  • Is this your first time being banned? If not, how many times?
    • First time getting banned.
  • Who banned you and for how long?
    • Message says PapaSimba but I think originally it was Tyler
  • Why should we unban you?
    • My side of the story. 3 months ago I was banned at a chest of fortune event that was taking place whilst on call with 3 other friends (unrelated : i was actually trying to convince them to play pixelmon). There were multiple mods there, Adela, Tyler, Andrew, Charmmy. I was in the middle of the line. The server was kind of playing around b trying to simp for tyler. As a gold rank I had access to the anvil function. I bought a stone from the store and renamed it to "marry me tyler". Now a the same time on my call my friends were watching me stream. One of them goes "lol replace your dark type arceus with NigArc". I told them that if I were even caught the staff would ban me, BLM was growing so it was the worst time. They pushed me saying no one would notice so I tell them sure. Big mistake. With the rock I had for tyler I was trying to figure how to give it because he was quite far, i couldnt drop it. I was aware of the /give (username) {pokemon#} command and the /{item} command. Like the genius I was I tried /give (tylers username) {item3}. Again big mistake it sent him the 3rd pokemon in my party which was of curse with my luck the arceus. of course the message for him reads "Perhaps_0668 has sent you NigArc". I pm him asking him if I can get it back. He does so and sends it back. The End. Or so I thought. Cropped Screenshot is taken, sent to someone. Next thing I know banned. It never said how long or anything just banned.
    • The message was never made public, it all happened in PMs
    • I definetly recognized what I did was wrong, seriously wrong
    • I never meant to harm anyone, I made sure to try and make ammends.
  • If you have anything else or want to talk to me I would love to be confronted in vc.
  • Also idk why im banned on the discrord???

I never meant for it to get this bad, I miss you guys so much. Sorry
- Perhaps_0001

Discord :
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Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Pixelmon Staff Team
Your ban appeal has been denied.

Racism is not tolerated on our servers regardless of actions.
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