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  • Declined My staff aplication. -TheKai_Zamasu

    1) TheKai_Zamasu
    3)I would handle the problem by, figuring out the reason why they are arguing then
    solve their problems between eachother.
    4) First ask them to stop if they dont stop id give them a warningif they dont stop
    after 3 warnings id kick them if they join again and carry on ill ban them.
    5) " repeat the moves of number 4 "
    6) You wouldn`t eventhough you might choose me over another players all players should
    be treated equally ( unless theyre breaking rules ).
    7)weekdays ill be able to put in 7h 20m weekends 15h maximum.
    8)my time zone is united kingdom (GMT+1) friday 20th september 2019 12:53 of making this.
    9)its pokemon minecraft after that eveything im a big pokemon/minecraft nerd.
    10)nothing else you need to know on this application.
    11)this server is the main pixelmon server i play.