PPWARLORD's Staff Application


  • What is your IGN?

  • What is your Discord?
MASTER of all#2172
  • What is your age?
  • What is your Timezone?
  • When did you first join Blaze Gaming Vanilla servers?
Although I do not remember the exact date I would say a month ago
  • What server do you mostly play on Blaze Gaming Vanilla?
Greek Skyblock
  • Why are you applying to be a staff member for Blaze Gaming Vanilla?
Personally I have started to spend a huge chunk of my day playing on the server . Throughout the day many people ask questions and I answer these questions and after a period of time I believe that I should try to take these answers to the next level which is to be able to do what I love, to help .This will only be possible if I am a member of the staff.
  • What makes you different from other applicants?
After the few weeks that I've played on the server I think it's safe to say that I've started enjoying the server a lot and this is not the only thing that makes me suitable for staff. In the past I've been staff on some servers which has allowed me to develop the decision making skills that a responsible staff member should have .I've learnt how to deal with almost any situation which I believe is ideal for being a staff member.
  • What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?
Personally I think that the server is already very nice but there are a lot of little things that can be perfected . I don't want the average player to not like the server because of these little things so I want to fix these which I'm sure will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Another Idea I had Wass that we can make a channel in the discord that will tell what bugs are in the server at the moment(no exploits tho).This will allow every player to know what they're dealing with instead of finding out the problem themselves.
  • Would you like to add anything else?
I've been writing this for the past hour so to whoever reads this I hope u like it:)