Project : Player gym leaders.

Hellow !!!

I'm mustillonPvP from the aqua server and I had an idea to maybe create some fun to the servers. At the moment, all servers are axed to economy and completing the dex. Most of people think about their own benefits instead of doing things with other players (sadly).

So, one day (like another) with some players from aqua we decided to build gyms to do some battles with a mono type team. But when we talked about that, it was only for fun and 2 days after we abandonned the project because we have more "personnal" things to do (for most : camping legends/ub or getting M O N E Y).

Now, i'm looking for it to be concrete, and not only on aqua, on ALL 4 PIXELMON SERVERS. The goal of this is to be more together on the server and not alone on our side (and talking in chat does not count è_é).

So, I talk a lot but how i see the project :

- Players can decide if they want to be gym leaders or gym challengers. Because if you are a gym leader, you will not be able to compete in the gym challenge.
- The gym leaders can be an elemental gym leader (fire, grass, water, ect...) or a themed gym leader (only eeveelutions or fossils for exemple). And no need to be BP.
- The battles is NO UBERS/LEGENDS (we can maybe add 1 legend if we want but we need to be at the same page for this).
- For each gym leader, a gym (of course). It can also include a little mission on it (Tyler i'm looking at you).
- Finally, you need to create a badge for your gym. Idea : Why not rename/enchant tools from different elements depending on what your gym is themed.

I also thought about an elite 4 and why not a champion for each server, but... i don't really know how to organise this at the moment...

Thanks for reading this thread and tell me what do you think about it :p

See ya on the server