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    New Member
    1 ) In-Game Name (IGN)


    2 ) Discord contact


    3 ) How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?

    I would first begin by asking them what the problem is and then come up with multiple solutions to solve it. If this doesn't work I'll ask them to not argue in the main chat and to take it elsewhere. Finally, if all that doesn't work I'll give them an official warning and after that mute them both for 10-30 minutes.

    4 ) What would you do to a player attempting to bypass the profanity filter?

    I would first ask them to stop and not to say those words. If they complain I would ask them to check the rules and give them an official warning. If it doesn't work I will mute them for 10-30 minutes.

    5 ) If a player is constantly disruptive and insulting others, how would you handle them?

    I would politely ask him to stop doing that. I would ask him to tell me why he is doing that and I will try to help him find a solution if there is a problem. If all this fails I will give him an official warning and them mute him for 10-30 minutes.

    6 ) Why would we choose you over another applicant?

    I am very skilled in Pokemon and have been playing the game for years. I have recently in the past year came back to pixelmon since it combines the 2 games I love. In that time, I have learns the in's and out's of this game and learn anything I would need to know to become a good trainer.

    7 ) How many hours a week do you play on our community servers?

    On week days I can be on for 2-4 hours depending if I have any activities and for weekend I can be on for 5 to 8 hours.

    8 ) What time zone are you playing on?

    EST (UTC5)

    9 ) What do you know about Pixelmon?

    I know everything from breeding, IVS, EVS and natures for Pokemon. I know how to capture legendaries and where to find them/spawn them. I also know how to make pokeballs, use held items and evolutions.

    10 ) Any additional information you would like us to know.

    No, that about sums it up.

    11 ) What server do you mainly play on?


    Thank you,
    Samuel Marchetti